arts wall clock

arts wall clock  
Product: Art wall clock
Item No: NoTDD00852
Power supply:
Light power:
Control mode:
Features: creative design,silent dirve in clock
packing size: 33X33X4CM
Gross weight: 18KG/CTN

High-quality, creative, simple, stylish. Strong texture, breaking the tradition, both practical and decorative, inadvertently highlighting the high quality. The unusual shape of a perfect blend of style, elegance and avant-garde design elements.
It has a harmonious and dynamic personality, reflecting the bold, simple combinations and home (office) decorative balance of a concept, interpreted as a home (office) of art.
Composition of a painting of several small gear, triggering an imaginative person. Pointer in front of the glass protection, to avoid the damage caused by the pointer exposed Oh! Background is the fabric of the Oh, is not feeling very comfortable with it ~
The brightly colored paintings wall clock active, fit as a simple family home decoration, can do the paintings can also do wall clock, practical and stylish, what are you waiting for! 

arts wall clock
arts wall clock
Arts wall clock

Brand TDD
Size 33cm * 33cm
MDF materials, glass
Weight 1.5KG

TDD brand wall clock,artistic wall clock major brands sold overseas. TDD independent brand development agency, owns a number of senior designers, style and movement of all products are developed with the legal copyright.

[Process] The TDD material developed their own best silent drive domestic movement, not the traditional pulsed movement, will not issue a "ticking" sound in the dead of night when the clock will not be a "ticking" sound to affect your break; a wood floor material, counterfeit goods are not generally used in PVC board, bottom with four hot baked paint process, so that the color timeless.

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