handcraft soap

handcraft soap  
Product: handcraft soap
Item No: NOHP00089
Power supply:
Light power:
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Features: 100% hand mde
packing size: 6cmx8.5x3cm
Gross weight: 100g/block

Fruit spree Package:


handcraft soap


1 Hand Soap Watermelon details of the plan:

Color: Red

Weight: 100g / block

Specifications: length 11cm width 5.5cm 3cm high


2 lemon hand soap details of the plan:

Color: Orange

Weight: 100g / block

Specifications: length 6.5cm width 6.5cm high of about 4cm


3 pears soap handmade details of the plan:

Color: Yellow

Weight: 100g / block

Specifications: 6cm long 8.5cm wide and 3cm high


4. Cantaloupe handmade soaps details of the plan:

Color: Yellow

Weight: 100g / block

Specifications: length is about 11cm wide and 2.8cm high 5cm


What is the hand artswork soap
    Handmade natural soap to oils and most natural ingredients, coupled with the glycerol can not easily be extracted, not only the health of many, and the effect of moisturizing the skin is unmatched by ordinary soap.
Compared with other soap
    Machine production of soap is usually general, will add some chemicals and preservatives, often after use will also be taken away with the skin's natural oils, and handmade soap to natural vegetable oils and most natural ingredients, coupled with not being extracted glycerol, relatively speaking, is not only much healthier, and moisturize the skin effect is generally soap can not be compared. Because the production of soap by the machine, resulting in the production process is glycerin by-product, so long been removed or extracted for use of other cosmetics, hand soap and dry by the process of natural shade, still retained glycerin, to provide calm and soft skin effect, which is the general machinery manufacturing soap can not deliver, in line for people to create a more natural products and efforts, as the highest ideal of our business *-*

"Soap soap maturity" maturity is a process of saponification, soap, from production to cold mature need after a month or so, the maturity date of soap soap soap soap are marked on the bags, there is no mature soap soap base relatively strong, there will be some stimulus to the skin, it is best not to use.


"The use of soap soap" sensitive skin of the people, it is recommended to use the arm or behind the ear before the skin test do first. Avoid using soap when you enter the eye, such as accidentally gets in the eyes, the eyes can cause pain, but do not panic, just rinse with water immediately. Soap Soap can be used wet, gently rub, smear, after foaming, soap soap on the face in 30 seconds residence time is appropriate, so that sebum film in the shortest time to restore balance within the state. After soap after using the soap, the soap box or should be placed on permeable container, keep soap soap dry, do not soak in water, that would reduce the frequency of use of the oh.


"Soap soap saved" immature soap soap, you open the bag, a cool, dry, ventilated place, fully exposed to air soap to soap, the soap more drying soap can save the longer (but do Soap Soap can not let sun oh!). Best storage temperature is 15 ° ~ 25 °, save a period of 6-12 months (calculated from the maturity date, the same below), 15 ° the following can be stored 1-2 years, such as the refrigerator, please sealed to prevent soap soap into the absorption refrigerator deodorant Oh.

Apricot season because of humidity, the temperature is relatively high, a direct result of too much soap soap water, can not be released. Its performance is soap soap water, a little bit on the surface. Then it is best to put soap soap into the refrigerator. No refrigerator, then you can try to make soap soap in a ventilated cool environment preservation.

"The improvement in skin response" there are some people use soap after cold dry, rough skin, acne and other similar cosmetics from a small allergic phenomenon we call "the phenomenon better." Turnaround phenomenon is due to long-term use with a large number of chemical synthetic surfactants cleanser, shower gel and so on. When they are not easy to wash clean, washed, left in the skin feels slippery, although, in fact, over time the skin's normal sebum film has been destroyed. When the alkaline soap soap after contact with the skin, loss of normal function of the sebum membrane acid-base balance can not be restored in a short time, so it feels dry, tight, sensitive skin will excrete toxins into the sky and even a small acne. Therefore, we recommend beginning with cold soap cleaning, wash with water as much as possible, washed with a clean towel and gently wipe the skin by absorbing moisture, and then use a mild (preferably plant's) skin care lotion and moisturizing lotion. Improved general phenomenon gradually disappeared within a month (the skin's physiological cycle of 28 days).

"Soap soap rancidity" cold soap manufacturing plant contains many natural ingredients and not involved in the saponification of the emollient oil, in hot, humid environments and is easy to direct sunlight long oil spot, this phenomenon is called rancidity (yellow oil spots, and feel there will be oil, sometimes a great point, sometimes many small points). If you find oil soap soap spots appear, you can immediately spot some of the oil with a knife to dig up, and soap in a short time will run out of soap. However, if the size of the oil patch has spread, the whole rancid soap soap (the oil is very strong) on ??the proposal not to use on the face, of course, still possible for washing.


"PH" We use soap when, whether it is commercially available soap beauty soap or cold, will start there is a concern - a high alkaline soap can be used to wash it? Originally, the cleaning products are generally with alkaline, and alkaline soap is representative of popular products, this concern is very normal. In fact, generally considered beneficial to the hot water on the skin, most alkaline spring. Of dishwashing liquid is slightly acidic, in fact, not too demanding. We skin the ability to adjust the alkaline stronger than we imagined and more. And, for the skin, adjust the pH adjustment takes longer than in normal skin care preservatives, surfactants, softeners and other chemical additives, time spent, much less, and no side effects, no sequelae. Cold soap PH value is generally between 7 to 9, is slightly alkaline. As long as the PH value of 10 or less, does not matter, safe to use. Soap is not to rely on basic decontamination, but also by fully contain the natural plant glycerine and excess grease performance, so even a low PH value, but also full cleaning power.

"Smell" the amount of added oils or fragrance, the maximum total weight of 2%. But even 2 percent of the essential oils added, smaller than 1% of the odor to the strong flavor. And the essential oils evaporate quickly, wash the residue on the skin did not, in the course feel the smell of soap Soap is a normal thing. Natural flavor and color are very short. If you are in the hands of cold process soap with fragrance in the Dodge never had, you can determine your own soap is added a cold fragrance products. Artificial flavor compounds, chemical elements strong, less volatile, and oxidation, will be left in the washed skin, scent is left on the skin.

"Green" cold soap is 100% natural materials, products, soapy water after washing the body within 24 hours will be broken down by bacteria. Care of environmental protection, you can rest assured that use. Ordinary soap or liquid detergent (facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel), soapy water will stay at least 3 months will not be broken down by bacteria! Part of the bacteria is unable to break down the chemical composition of the formation of long-term stay in the water pollution of the earth.

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