4 "Famous Chinese Trademark" are added in Yiwu

 4 "Famous Chinese Trademark" was added in Yiwu
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November 29, SAIC announced a new batch of 478 "China Famous Brand" list, Yiwu has four mark list.

Nylon Co., Ltd. Yiwu Huading the "tripod", shuangtong Commodity Co., Ltd. "double child" and the map, Hujiang

Holding Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai, "Liu Qing," and the map, Sen Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhejiang, "Moriyama"

other four mark are approved as successfully "China Famous Trademark". So far, the city administration has

recognized the "China Famous Brand" 12, the province accounted for 2.9% of the total; Yiwu city reached a total

of 36,517 registered trademarks, 88, Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, 236 famous trademarks, registered

trademarks of International 1126. Economic agents have an average 0.21 registered trademarks, trademarks, brand

development for many years among the nation's comprehensive strength of the second county-level city, the

province first.

To improve the enthusiasm of a sound brand, Yiwu recognized as "Famous Chinese Trademark" (other than judicial

determination) of the company for 100 million reward , the province identified as famous and well-known firm of

business to give 20 million reward;to be registrated international trademark of enterprise per 50% of actual

expenses will be awarded. Y13 companies this year have been rewarded, the Government fund a reward totaling 324

million yuan.
From Yiwu Industry and commerce administration, the relevant responsible person said: "In the future we will

take a comprehensive reform of international trade opportunities, and actively promote the implementation of

trademark strategy striving for national model city, and the application finds 'China Commodity City' well-known

trademarks in China, to further deepen the brand

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