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All hot in our city, "a comprehensive reform of international trade," approved
"Pilot" to the force, will fly higher and faster Yiwu 

International logistics center in Yiwu, loaded with all types of cargo container "ready." Trainee reporter Chen Jiebin photo

Recently, the State Council issued a document approved "Zhejiang Yiwu comprehensive reform of international trade, the overall program" (the letter [2011] 22), approved the establishment of Yiwu International Trade and comprehensive reform. This is the establishment of nine national comprehensive reform pilot area after another by the State Council approved the establishment of a comprehensive reform, our province is the first national comprehensive reform, but also the first county-level cities by the State Council approved a comprehensive reform . This exciting news, the whole city suddenly jubilant. Recent days, this reporter visited sector organizations, and take business to "reform" pick the topic from all walks of life in our city sound.

Innovation and excellence, breakthrough thinking everything possible

Yiwu City, former chairman of CPPCC National Committee Luo family law: 

More  opportunities will upgraded for Yiwu market,

With the prosperity and development of Yiwu market, Yiwu has become more than 170 million products a window to the world, and a national platform for small and medium enterprises to the world. Yiwu is not only a popular commodity in the ocean is the international hub of information, product innovation in the enterprise upgrade, Yiwu platform also need to upgrade to a higher level. "Comprehensive reform of international trade," is an opportunity, and we look forward to the future of Yiwu has become a world "super markets", advanced information technology, logistics facilities, where the purchase is equivalent to sitting on the global commodity resources; financial and service facilities further improve, where simple transactions, trade order.

Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Yiwu Jin Jia said:

Exploring new models to enhance the competitiveness of export commodities from Yiwu market

At present, Yiwu market purchasing of foreign trade export-oriented, but the state laws and regulations is not clear that such trade, Yiwu into a comprehensive reform of international trade, explore the establishment of market purchases on the one hand, export commodity inspection, regulatory approach to ensure quality and safety of export market to promote the Yiwu market, export of goods of great significance; the other hand, we can further integrate the department of resources and improve the speed of commodity export clearance, enhance the competitiveness of export commodities, Yiwu market, Yiwu export-oriented economy to promote sustainable, healthy and rapid development, the use of market combined effect of the surrounding areas and promote development of SMEs in the country, will have a profound effect.

Jia Junhua, General Manager assistant, CCC Group said:

Increasing market concentration and radiation, improving the trade service platform

Yiwu International Trade and comprehensive reform plan is approved, the Yiwu market, to enhance the future development of the national strategic level, will further enhance the concentration of Yiwu market, radiation and driving ability, and improve trade services platform. "Program" to establish a new trade on the exploration, optimize the export commodity structure, strengthen the construction of the Yiwu market, and explore new ways of modern circulation, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to develop the international market, accelerate the "go" pace, to promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade development, barriers to international trade friction and 9 areas such as the main task of the pilot, the company will have a significant impact. Nine aspects of the core, is to further promote the market in Yiwu, a platform for international trade, through concerted customs, quality inspection, industry and commerce, foreign exchange, commerce, taxation and other departments to build for the commodity exports of the emerging trade, construction, logistics, e- Business services such as modern trade system, through the Yiwu market, "going out" to build domestic and international trading platform and other measures to further expand international trade. Yiwu market will increase more than in the leading position in international trade, optimize product structure, improve the competitiveness of commodity exports, attract more SMEs to Yiwu business.

City Foreign Trade Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau chief of Wen-Bin Zhou:

Opportunities and challenges exited, to seize the initiative to seek a breakthrough

Yiwu International Trade and comprehensive reform of the overall program is approved, Yiwu International Trade will be a tremendous opportunity, not only foreign trade, the export-oriented economy will be a strong impetus. Beginning last year, many departments had already started to develop more specific and more detailed program to Municipality, the Yiwu market, mainly for export batch number, lot less, mixed breeds, imports less so, to explore new trade, in order to facilitate the import and export enterprises and the promotion of Yiwu Yiwu market restructuring and upgrading. In addition, improved import and export control measures and guide enterprises to actively respond to international trade barriers, but also the direction of our efforts. Of course, there are opportunities, challenges are inevitable, the more attention, the more we need to achieve a breakthrough, which requires Yiwu enterprises growing awareness of IPR protection and enhance the design, research and development capabilities, particularly in complex domestic and international environment , the master bargaining in the product's voice.

Yiwu City Zipper Industry Association, Wu Xinxi:

Zipper exports have something to look forward to

Yiwu that comprehensive reform of the international trade in the news, Zipper Industry Association members held a meeting immediately, we are looking forward to more exports of the good news. For our zipper industry, 70% of the products are exported through various channels around the world, but a practical problem is that zipper, Yiwu 280 companies, less than 3% of the enterprises have the right to export. Exports through foreign trade companies, the one high cost, and secondly, risks of foreign trade increased, so, the association tried to apply the collective brand to avoid risks. Comprehensive reform of Yiwu International Trade granted the news, so that all efforts had to look forward to more, whether business owners or business operators, are expressed at the meeting have good vision and expectations.

Solid work, seeking the cause of heart

City Gu Guinan Secretary for Economic Development:

Enhance investor confidence and attract large projects settled in Yiwu

Into the "second five", Yiwu is continue to unswervingly take a new road to industrialization and upgrading traditional industries to promote and actively support foster new industries, and actively explore the development of agile manufacturing, to create "industrial depression." And then came a "reform," approved the good news, exciting, the city's industrial development which will bring new impetus and opportunities. Winds of change bring us a good opportunity to upgrade. We are actively working to introduce some large projects, to hear this news, I believe that these companies saw the addition of a rare Yiwu development conditions, will increase investor confidence, thus speeding up the city's industrial structure adjustment and optimization.

Market Trade Development Council, Mr Xu into law:

First-mover advantage is conducive to speeding up transformation and upgrading of the market

Yiwu market, how to ensure continued prosperity, how to further enlarge and strengthen the market? The development of the road facing the new node. By this time, Yiwu "reform" is approved, the national policies related to research and reform will be piloted in Yiwu, Yiwu market as the country's piece of "experimental field" to run, the message inspiring. Both for study and formulation of National Policy, Yiwu market is more conducive to the application of the new policy in the country to form first-mover advantage, to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of Yiwu market. It is believed that through the implementation of pilot work, Yiwu market, business environment, policy environment, service environment and the effect of restructuring and upgrading will be better better.

Zhang Yiwu of Customs and Excise:

Carried forward with the reform of the new regulatory approach

Yiwu International Trade and comprehensive reform is approved, all a happy inspiration. Commodity export control customs brewing comprehensive reform has been a long time for comprehensive reform to lay the foundation for advancing. In strong support of Yiwu Municipal Government, Hangzhou Customs began last year introduced a new regulatory model in the reform of Yiwu, and this year will continue to promote the full implementation of relevant programs of reform to meet the promotion of comprehensive national reform. Implementation of the reform, will have a positive impact on economic development in Yiwu, on the one hand, will strengthen market management departments and business operators and other business activities in the commodity trade in the "rights" consciousness and "self" behavior; the other hand, consolidation of Yiwu Commodity export business in the dominant position in the policy, Yiwu City, created in the surrounding region as well as the country's competitive advantage.

West Street Party Working Committee Zhu bit loose:

Promote the "two-building," the implementation of pilot program

10 of the country a "special economic zones," the award Whispering Yiwu, which is a very joyful thing. West streets will focus on "two-building" to promote the implementation of reform programs in the west. West streets on the one hand to speed up the construction of the international goods market. International goods market a four administrative villages, has signed a land acquisition, respectively, the draft, the market is expected to start construction in June of this year. On the other hand, vigorously promote the "Yiwu Hong Kong" building. During the year, start an international logistics center, West Railway Station Customs inspection point of the construction supervision for the establishment of a new way to provide a more open trading lower, convenient and efficient global logistics network connectivity, so the west to become an international commodity trading center and match the international logistics " port of destination "and" port of origin. "

Logistics Office Director Huang Xuguang City:

Expansion and upgrading of the logistics function

With the city to carry out comprehensive reform of international trade, work, city logistics were developed to do one year (2011), three years (2011-2013), five years (2011-2015) of the planning program. Also, would like to take this opportunity to focus on promoting the city across the modern logistics development, and actively explore new ways of modern circulation. This year, the city of Yiwu Logistics Office will closely focus on the core goal of building Hong Kong to build a good, fully functional modern logistics platform and expand and enhance the logistics functions, and actively strive for the city of Yiwu as a national logistics nodes; conduct Bonded Logistics Center (B-type ) reporting work; efforts to promote the construction of logistics infrastructure, speed up the inland port of a second phase of investment and operation and construction with, efforts to promote commodity export control center, the domestic logistics center project process. At the same time, broaden the channels for talent introduction, well-developed logistics policies, foster stronger and bigger logistics enterprises in our city.

Seize the opportunity, Yiwu better tomorrow

South Korea imported goods Museum Victoria Libin Fu Zheng Xuhuan head of a theater:

Attractive to the market, hoping to have more policy support

In recent years, Yiwu municipal government attaches great importance to trade in imported goods, not only set up a special hall of imported goods, but also actively advertising for us. The government's supervision and guidance, the business hall of imported goods more and more standardized, passenger traffic is also increasing. Yiwu want comprehensive reform of international trade, will attract more Chinese friends and foreign friends to Yiwu market purchasing these imported goods, hoping that sales of imported commodities, Yiwu Government to grant more preferential policies and support, the last wishes of Yiwu market Commodity quality continues to improve.

Yiwu Taiwan Association Lin Zhengxiong:

Select Yiwu, focus on the future

The news is really exciting, the whole Taiwan Business Association are very pleased to Yiwu, Yiwu City, became the first county-level comprehensive reform of international trade means that trade in the future we enjoy more preferential policies. We chose business in Yiwu, Yiwu is the fancy rich market resources, such a turning point in the present, through the reform of institutional mechanisms, we communicate with Customs and other departments will certainly be more open. Meanwhile, tailored specifically for the convenience of Yiwu Commodity inspection may also become reality. Of course, Yiwu become a "special economic zones" to be more demanding of their own, such as jewelry exports, the government should not only strengthen the procurement of raw materials, product production and other sources of regulation, but should do more to provide technical services for enterprises, and guide enterprises to consciously good quality .

General Manager of Zhejiang Bao Guang Trading Co., Ltd. Sun Xianhua:

Will greatly enhance the convenience of trade

Comprehensive reform of international trade, landing Yiwu, Yiwu market, the development of far-reaching implications, the most direct benefits of trade facilitation is associated with a significantly improved. In Yiwu market, by way of market purchases of goods exports account for a very large proportion of these commodities in the export declaration to be included in the tour, although there will be some preferential policies in the declaration, but in the commodity inspection, taxation, foreign exchange is not enough flow . With the pilot of this platform, we can combine their own specific circumstances bold attempt, and gradually in the process of international trade, open up all aspects. Want to "pilot" can really explore the market for trade of Yiwu, so that "the market to buy" more liberal trade policies to enjoy. On the other hand, the pilot work carried out, the international trade regulation, especially of intellectual property protection equipment, technology, human can improve by one grade, which will benefit the healthy development of the Yiwu market.

Yiwu City Hardware Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Xian open method:

The pilot to the business confidence

A year ago, with the "comprehensive reform of Yiwu International Trade," the hope, I follow the City Group of imports of goods to Japan to discuss matters relating to 16th of this month, we will once again embark on trip to Osaka, Japan continue negotiations, hoping to the introduction of Japanese goods to Yiwu sales. A year ago that the "pilot" applications, the company had made a series of restructuring in the preparatory work, including global strategic layout. This time the trade arrangement, virtually every aspect of the global metal industry leading quality products, Germany's tools, the U.S. equipment, the United Kingdom wrench in which we are business owners also have confidence in the use of Yiwu, the platform, "buy the global goods, sell global goods ", to expand imports, boost upgrade.

Iranian businessman Abdullah:

Yiwu better tomorrow

I have spent 10 years Yiwu time, Yiwu always gave me a kind of intimacy can be said to Yiwu is my second home. Live and do business in Yiwu, basic necessities are very convenient, daily life, there are churches, Muslim restaurant; business, there are well-developed financial services, warm and integrity of the market dealers, I love the city of Yiwu. These 10 years, I deeply feel the government and the people here, for international trade development efforts, but also see the city of Yiwu in the growing economy and I would like to "pilot" In the future, Yiwu is getting better I also look forward to a better tomorrow Yiwu.

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