Japan Orders are dramatic increased in Yiwu market recently

Japan Orders are dramatic increased in Yiwu market recently

Urgent need of candles, paper dishes, flashlights, masks

"As far as I know, in Japan, tsunami-hit areas, a very serious shortage of goods." Jinxin told reporters that they seriously affected in the long-term cooperation Sendai has many convenience stores, grocery stores, after the earthquake, call his phone off the hook.

"Most orders are received involving candles, paper dishes, flashlight, radio, masks and other emergency items. Yiwu exclusively for about 100 foreign trade companies in Japan is estimated to have been that." Jinxin said in the past They have 70% of the purchase order is jewelry, 30% is all kinds of groceries, but now the proportion of various types of emergency groceries to 90%, 10% of the remaining backlog before the earthquake only ship jewelry list yet. "When one of these accessories after the delivery, we may have to do all the groceries."

Because candles, paper bowls and other commodities list are "Inari trade" had no contact before, so there is no fixed partners, only to find temporary. Jin Xin said: "The Japanese product quality requirements are very stringent requirements of our vendors is also high, but the disaster lead, decent quality, production speed of the vendors, we have direct orders, so that people get by the most affected areas important. "However, Jinxin dishes in the inspection of disinfection of the paper is cautious.

Quickly produce blankets, kerosene stoves, inflatable

Has not yet received blankets, kerosene stoves and other product orders, pay close attention to the Japanese earthquake Jinxin trends, ahead of anticipated business opportunities, the first time linked to multiple vendors, to discuss production issues. He said he met while studying in Japan, a Chinese seniors have to act quickly organized a group of physical injuries suffered during the earthquake in Wenchuan of persons with disabilities, began producing first-aid kit.

"I studied the material needs of the earthquake on the three phases: the emergency phase is now, candles, flashlights, masks, etc. are a necessity; the current temperature in the northeastern part of Japan is still quite low, estimated a few days after, on blankets, kerosene heaters will be a substantial increase in product demand; life jackets, inflatable, first aid kits and other survival items needed in the third phase, estimated over a long period after the earthquake, we will receive many orders. "

Currently, the Jinxin been linked to several reliable manufacturer, is negotiating to produce goods business.

Yiwu market can be called the source of the world's disaster relief items

A major disaster strikes, emergency supplies will Yiwu market is very hot. "Yiwu market to make quick emergency response, emergency supplies can keep up with large quantities of quality and quantity needs." Busy in the market to purchase the foreign trade company, surnamed Li's staff said they received at first time side orders for all kinds of groceries, in the procurement of the Yiwu market is really feeling the "Commodity Ocean", what to do. "There are many products before, we have not been exposed, such as non-slip gloves, high-frequency whistle, compressed towel, rope rescue, worried that even after orders market did not sell may come to look, not only, but also quite kind more. "

"To ask foreign companies sourcing operations have recently increased recently in Japan, and 1.6 cm × 19 cm white candle, we still maintain the 1.6 yuan for every three of the wholesale price the same, four candles wholesale price spiral is mounted 1.6 yuan, shorten the production cycle from two weeks to 10 days. "Fourth District International Trade City, a business owner, said the candle, as long as the relief materials received orders, they would quality and quantity.

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