"Made in Yiwu" are forced price rising pressure

"Made in Yiwu" forced upward pressure is not small
Orders carefully around the business, companies reduce the risk of a positive response


In the 21th East China Import and Export Fair Yiwu enterprises in a shirt with two sets of customers who were in talks to seize the many business opportunities.

The Fair was concluded on March 5th, The trend of foreign trade "barometer" shows that the new situation, by raw material prices, labor costs, RMB appreciation and other factors, "Yiwu create" the majority be forced to raise prices, which makes on-site customers generally show a wait and see attitude, corporate orders also become more cautious.

Price is rised up, customers hesitate to order

Pay at the current China, there were total of 17 exhibiting enterpise from our city, covering clothing, decorative gifts, household items, home textiles and other industries, offer a general increase in enterprise products, especially apparel, textile enterprises, product prices rose as high as 20%.

Show the first 3 days, the first time China's Yi Wu Sensen Clothing Co. Fair booth, business cards and pictures have been depleted, contrary to expectations over the business manager of Sun Jian. "Tingduo merchants, but we do not dare to quote a price for raw materials a day, even if the reported price, not be very meaningful." Jian Sun Chao said, a week ago, has risen to 44,000 yuan nylon / ton, and the Spring Festival than before is up more than 15%, coupled with rising wages and appreciation of the renminbi, had raised 20% of the product offer.

It is understood that Langsha Knitting, Mengna, Beckman clothing, work clothing, and other companies are forced to substantially increase the cost pressure, have to raise its offer, so many of Japan, Korea, Europe and the customers even though their product design and quality are very satisfied, but am unable to accept the "soaring" prices, everywhere inquiry, hesitation wait, order more cautious than before.

Some plastic-based raw materials for decorate gifts, household goods companies are also facing the problem of price increases. "Most of our paintings and frames are made of plastic material, a rose to be affected oil prices, our prices have gone up by 5% -10%." Yi Wu Kai Star Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. products are mainly exported to Europe market, the responsible person Du Jianwen told reporters in China, many do pay at the European and U.S. markets to see the face of foreign buyers, they are well aware of the domestic market, more price sensitive.

Yiwu enterprises to actively respond to challenges of risk reduction

Yiwu, the price advantage of the gradual weakening of the pressure facing a complex situation, Yiwu exhibitors selling every possible way to find the product.

Garments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang were responsible Zhao Meng Kuang met at the show a willingness to use the RMB settlement of foreign trade companies, foreign trade companies he actively communicate this hope grasp the customer. "The other side if you wish to use the RMB settlement of foreign exchange can reduce my risk, finally hit one, of course, efforts should be made."

Shirt expected price increases of basic hard work Garments Co., Ltd. in Yiwu, the focus of several processes exhibited relatively complex double collar, three lead, parquet, embroidered shirts. It is responsible Closing Years introduction of these shirts last two years in Europe, South Africa, South Korea and other markets are very popular, relatively high value-added products. In response to the situation of local labor costs, work clothes in the central and western areas of the production line, both to ensure the progress of production and reducing labor costs.

Dragon Bag Co., Ltd. to participate in too many sessions of East China Fair, has accumulated rich experience, the grasp of China at the Japanese and Korean businessmen to pay more than 70% of the features designed specifically for the Japanese and Korean markets a variety of suitcases, cosmetics cases, new models every day, attracted more than 50 merchants inquiry and negotiations. Show 2 days, the company took over two cabinet orders.

Zhejiang Beckman Garments Co., Ltd. Business Manager Xu Tianhua in 5-day event, turned in the hall several times, in addition to understanding the situation of other companies offer, but also desperately looking for new fabric suppliers, to find ways to add more price for the company edge of the fabric. Xu Tianhua consultations with new customers, the big single, long single split out and the offer is valid for a shorter week, signed a contract in stages, thereby reducing risk.

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