Most Global Christmas gifts Made in Yiwu,but manufacters onl

【Abstract】 Christmas gifts in 2010 were made from Yiwu. China redio said report: Order more, less profit, the Chinese Christmas

products can not only yell and make money?

Zhong Guangwang Beijing on Dec. 15 (Xinhuanet quarter Su Ping Gao Hua Mao Zhejiang, Taiwan Hui-Chen Zheng North Red) According to

Voice of "news evening peak" report, Yiwu is the world's largest Christmas products export base, more than half of the global

market for Christmas supplies from here. With the global economic crisis, the most difficult times in the past, sales of Christmas

gifts this year, Yiwu has greatly improved, but because suppliers and manufacters increased production costs are not happy.

over than half of the global market of Christmas goods were from Yiwu. Last year, the impact of the economic crisis, many

Christmas goods manufacturers until May began to have orders come in, and this year, in March of Christmas supplies of foreign

vendors start the order. Christmas products list in foreign trade is now largely over, Yiwu City, the Secretary-General Chen

Jinlin Christmas Products Industry Association said sales of Christmas gifts this year, Yiwu percent increase over last twenty or thirty.

Chen Jinlin: We did a survey about this year than last year sales growth of 20% -30% or so.
Volume is up, profits are not expected good. Yiwu business supplies mostly the Christmas tree, small ornaments, small toys and

other commodities, due to production of large, relatively long production cycle, from many manufacturers began to receive orders

in April and May, the raw materials price in the production process, workers reached a higher level , manufacturers immediately

felt the pressure. Soaring prices of upstream products and downstream sales and not to mention price, these production and

marketing business in the middle caught in the middle.

Manufacturer: plastic rose, artificial wage rise. Manufacturers not hire workers, business is better than before, that is a bit low profits.

Vendor: materials have risen up, and the price cant been go up, guests know how much to sell the value of these things.

Raw material prices, this is Christmas goods manufacturers can not control, but why not get up the prices of finished it? Chinese

Academy of International Trade Research Office, said Song Hong analysis, the pricing power of these export commodities are not in

the hands of producers, manufacturers in order to raise prices is difficult.

Song Hong: pricing is not in the hands of manufacturers, buyers in the hands of others. Procurement of these products as Christmas

are coming from the United States and Europe, which stores large European and American countries in the procurement process, they

are generally not to change prices, not domestic producers can change.

Raw material costs, labor costs have become the heart of Christmas goods manufacturers on the two stones, the exchange rate

movements in the past few months, but also makes the production of income becomes uncertain. It is understood that most of the

export agreement for Christmas orders is based on U.S. dollar clearing, RMB appreciation, production and corporate profits and is

further compressed.

Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. a Manager named Wang Wenzhen: This year the dollar exchange rate has been from the exchange rate from 6.9,6.8,

the rate is 6.82,6.83 in the first half Year, to start the second half of September has been reduced to 6.7,6.6. The U.S. dollar exchange rate reduced our net profit,which was directly shrunk about 3% -5%.

Raw material prices, labor costs, exchange rate fluctuations,just as the three big mountains for Christmas goods production and

sales enterprises, especially SMEs, To facing rising raw material prices, labor costs, which is not Christmas goods manufacturers

can only passively accept? Chinese Academy of International Trade Research Office, Song said, or some way to deal with, such as

the accelerated development of new products, the use of cheaper alternative raw materials; accelerate the pace of automation and

mechanization of the process to deal with rising labor costs.

Song Hong: In the best of its ability in some products, upgrades, some new product development, in the development process, he can

choose some lower cost of raw materials, a; another one, a considerable number of enterprises , in the best of its ability, to

take more automated ah, mechanization to reduce labor costs rise.

As for exchange rate changes to the impact of export enterprises, the Chinese People's University, School of Economics, Professor

Huang Weiping that because of the large companies can lock when the signing of a single exchange rate, changes in the exchange

rate of the greater impact on SMEs.

Huang Weiping: The biggest uncertainty  is the exchange rate, just the day before yesterday when I came back, everyone asked

the exchange rate, if it is a large state-owned enterprises, in the past that large export companies have way, he can lock the

rate in advance, but like these small companies, their ability of locked the exchange rate is very poor. You will profit

themselves two points, three points locked the cost of the exchange rate is at least this number, and there is no profit in what


Exchange rate changes on these Christmas products production and sales enterprises of self-evident. In order to support the

development of SMEs to increase exports, pushing the Ministry of Commerce export orders RMB, which is still only in the

surrounding areas to promote relatively smooth, but with a higher level of internationalization of the RMB, the area will accept

the expansion of the RMB exchange rate, to do SMEs in foreign trade business to reduce exchange rate risks.

International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce researcher Mei Xinyu said: In our neighboring countries and

regions, businesses man and residents, they growing the mind for acceptance on RMB, which is more widely implemented to create the

conditions for the RMB settlement


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