Renovation project started in Binwang market

 Renovation project started in Binwang market
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Recently, Yiwu municipal government agreed to start the CCC Group Binwang market transformation, according to Wu Bo, the

general manager of the CCC Group as disclosed as soon as possible to develop specific rehabilitation programs, the Group

will launch the corresponding research work.

the revival plan will be started in 3 months

On November 29, 1995 was opened the Binwang market, covering about 209 acres and a building area of ??320,000 square

meters, mainly engaged in garments, bedding and other 16 major industries. Yiwu is known as the completion of the

beginning of the 21st century business center. Over time, Binwang Yiwu market can not keep up the pace of urban

development, reform is imperative.

Last May, a new round of market Yiwu trade readjustment start Binwang market moved to the original business industry

Huangyuan market, International Trade City market in five areas, business premises Binwang market before the end of April

this year to completely vacate . Binwang market in urban centers across the Jiangdong, crowded city, Beiyuan three

regions, convergence Huangyuan, Futian two major markets, extremely advantageous geographical location, in which the

"service" period, witnessed the founding of numerous Yiwu merchants Rich miracle. Binwang market of the future go? Once

again attracted wide attention. After a brief silence, Yiwu launched a revival plan Binwang market.

More DC-style urban commercial complex

For the transformation of Binwang market, Yiwu municipal government has issued such opinions: Binwang market is no longer

in the market after the expiry of the transitional arrangements for the land market, the proposed plan by the

requirements of urban development, upgrading. This means that Binwang market will bid farewell to 15-year-old marketing


Binwang market, how to change? In Binwang market closed on the period, many enthusiastic friends embarked on a bold

vision and intense discussion. Binwang market transformation as the principal unit, the Mall Group intends to market by

Binwang "Hao Bu Sika" (HOPSCA) the principle of transforming the city into a commercial complex. The so-called urban

complex is the city's commercial, office, residential, hotels, exhibition, restaurant, conference, entertainment and

urban living space, transportation and other combination of three or more, and in various parts of the establishment of a

relationship of interdependence among each other useful dynamic relationship to form a multi-functional, efficient


"Hao Bu Sika" to lead a new life

The so-called HOPSCA, is a hotel (H), office (O), Ecological Park (P), Shopping (S), Convention(c), Super City apartment

(A) is a multifunctional, modern, multi-dimensional integrated city space. "Ho Busi Ka" is the world's most advanced real

estate development model, not only for the tremendous added value to the city, will lead a new life.

Working in the office in the morning,  go to the gourmet restaurant at noon,  after work to go shopping with friends ...

... so the zero of the complex designed to meet the people "one-stop" the requirements of life, this is the future of

Binwang " Hao Bu Sika "of life. People at home to achieve office, shopping, entertainment and leisure, enjoy the bustling

and convenient city life.

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