The frist "AA " enterprise managment was approved by Yiwu Customs.(issuied by yiwu sourcing agent-Yamei Trading on 2010.01.25)

Recently,it learned from Yiwu customs, Zhejiang Beckman Clothing Co., Ltd. approved by the General

Administration of Customs, customs administration to become the city's first AA class enterprise. It is

reported that this is the first AA Jinhua class enterprise.

At present, the Customs business management hierarchy is divided into AA, A, B, C, D five management

classes and developed a corresponding difference in management practices. if the AA class enterprise the our

police should will provide them a "free bank deposit account" and the most preferential measures.

Yiwu Customs leader said, in order to allow Yiwu Customs import and export enterprises to better enjoy

the preferential policies to guide enterprises to actively regulate the customs import and export business

practices to help enterprises to declare A Class, AA powers and responsibilities. This, in addition to

"Beckman", there are three import and export enterprises, through the General Administration of Customs

approved as a Class A management enterprise, namely, Lin Import & Export Co., Ltd. Yiwu, Yiwu Import & Export

Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Fengrun promotion Garments Co., Ltd. .

Unitl now, the city has a total of AA business class, A class enterprise 33, A class number of enterprises

in 2008 increased by more than two-fold.

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