There was held on the first network in Yiwu:

Chiang Italy Date: 2011/06/11 Editor: Source: Jinhua Daily News newspaper (reporter Jiang Italy) June 10 ~ 12, 2011,

e-commerce and network products, Yiwu trade fair in Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Centre.

     The net expo by the China Electronic Commerce Association, China International Holdings Limited Creator jointly organized, Zhejiang Province Electronic Commerce Association, and other e-commerce Association of more than 10 provinces and cities. The main exhibition of goods and e-commerce services are network industries such as logistics and express delivery services company, network and telecom companies, Internet marketing platform, banking and financial industries.

     Yiwu network operators in more than 100 booths set to become the largest exhibition group. Currently, Yiwu is the formation of tangible and intangible market to keep pace with the market situation, the Yiwu market has more than 60,000 business-bit entity, and has built shop 40000. Yiwu network operators have been formed from wholesale to retail complete development chain; the country more than 75% of net merchandise goods category, directly or indirectly from Yiwu, Yiwu has become the central gathering network goods.

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