Yiwu Chemical Fiber Industry Association was Found

 Yiwu Chemical Fiber Industry Association was Found

source from : Yiwu News  2011-12-9

 Yesterday afternoon, Yiwu City, With the establishment of chemical fiber industry association,

the people whom in charge of it, more than 50 members gathered to celebrate with their own

"home." Star City People's Congress deputy Ren Dingding attend the inaugural meeting.

 Chemical fiber industry in Yiwu, from a late start, but it's a rapid development. Although

nearly 10 years , the industry has taken shape in nylon, spandex, polypropylene, viscose

for the main species, including spinning, texturing, coating, and other procedures of a

more complete industry. According to incomplete statistics, Yiwu has over a hundred

chemical manufacturing enterprises at home, household chemical business over 1000, the use

of chemical fiber raw materials, production units of million, operating the business with

household chemical products over ten thousand.Yiwu Chemical fiber industry  association will lead to the health development term with perfecting industry regulations.

in order to make a nice enviroment of chemical fiber wholesale market.

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