Yiwu approved reform into the tenth Economic Special Area

Yiwu approved reform into the tenth Economic Special Area
At 6:12 p.m. on March 9, 2011 Source: Zhejiang Online 

Reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the State Council has recently issued a document approved, "Zhejiang Yiwu comprehensive reform of international trade, the overall program" (the letter [2011] 22). This is the establishment of nine national comprehensive reform pilot area after another by the State Council approved the establishment of a comprehensive reform, Zhejiang Province, the first national comprehensive reform, but also the first county-level cities by the State Council approved a comprehensive reform .

Yiwu has the largest commodity market in China, is an important international trade window. Reform and opening up, the Yiwu Foreign Trade and actively explore a new model, the expansion of exports, increase employment, promote SME development and achieved positive results, in order to fully exploit the market in allocating resources to the basic role, give full play to Yiwu market in the global division of labor the unique role, through the bold exploration, pilot, speed up transformation of foreign trade development and promote coordinated development of domestic and foreign trade, under the conditions of the formation of economic globalization in international economic cooperation and competition of new advantages.

"Program" the development of clear objectives of the pilot of Yiwu, in 2015, the basic form conducive to scientific development of new trading system framework. By 2010, the first to achieve trade development mode. Yiwu in international trade to enhance the strategic position to make changes in Yiwu, a demonstration area of foreign trade development mode, contributing to industrial transformation and upgrading of an important base, the world's leading international commodity trading center and travel should be easy for living an international business city.

"Program" proposed the establishment of new trade, optimize export structure, strengthen the construction of the Yiwu market, and explore new ways of modern circulation, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to develop the international market, accelerate the "go" pace, to promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade development, should barriers to international trade friction and 9, the main task of the pilot areas. And further optimize the proposed development of international trade, sound financial system, enhance the ability of financial services, to improve the financial environment, and build regional cooperation, advantages and new aspects of public service system and other safeguards 6.

Approval requirements, Zhejiang Province, Yiwu People's Government to strengthen the "program" to implement the organization and leadership, should be based on "program" to study and formulate the relevant specific reform programs, reform of the implementation of the groundbreaking project management; on comprehensive reform in the emerging new situations and problems, to co-ordinate research in a timely manner, properly handled. State Council in accordance with the division of responsibilities, to actively carry out relevant supporting specific reforms, Yiwu City, first test measures a number of major reform. In particular, to be introduced with the reform of international trade-related issues, giving priority on the first test, Yiwu City. Development and Reform Commission should work together with the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs and other departments to strengthen the comprehensive reform of international trade, Yiwu City guide and coordinate the promotion of the pilot to ensure that the "program" of the reform measures implemented...

Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission official said that 30 years of reform and opening up, Zhejiang Province, the first to promote the institutional mechanisms for the formation of market-oriented reforms first-mover advantage, realized from the resources of the small province of Zhejiang province to the economy from a closed society to the full open Basic food and clothing from the historic leap to the round well, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, will become a national pilot project as an opportunity to focus on the development and use reform to solve problems, meet challenges with innovative initiatives and create new advantages of Zhejiang institutional mechanisms for implementing Scientific concept of development, accelerate the transformation of a powerful driving force of economic development support and provide a solid institutional security.

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