Yiwu Christmas suppliers rised price up on Europe and the Un

This year Yiwu Christmas suppliers would dare to say "no" to Europe and the United States market prices.
2011-06-30 14: 42 : 00 source: Zhejiang online [ ] [ print characters characters in print preview ] Zhejiang online 06 months 30 news" compared to last year, this year the Yiwu Christmas supplies manufacturer in new products, new production of the technical aspects of the investment increase many traditional Christmas supplies began to function daily decorative products transformation, it is a good phenomenon."Yesterday, a reporter from the Yiwu Christmas Supplies Industry Association learned that from the current situation, most enterprises have orders, of anxious is employee manpower cost and skilled workers are absent.Another significant change is affected by various production costs, this year's Christmas supplies price 5% ~ 10% Pu to rise substantially.Foreign trade main area, has been gradually extended to Russia and from Europe and the United States of America and other countries.
Present situation investigation
Employee salary increases an enterprise more spending 50 Wan Yuan
If you go to the labor market search Christmas supplies enterprise live hand positions, will find this year pay already from last year 1800 yuan, Pu to rise to 2000 yuan of present.
" Employee salary just looks up, on the factory's cost structure, it is the largest expenditure item."Operating in Yiwu, Christmas supplies of Huangyan businessmen Huang Weijue to reporters just a dead : a worker monthly wages rose 200 yuan, it is 2400 yuan a year, the factory each post adds up to more than 200 employees, a year down to more spending 48 Wan Yuan.In fact, part of the job because the season began to work overtime, an additional overtime payment management, few paid more than 2000 yuan.Therefore, this year only human cost will increase than last year 50 more than Wan Yuan.In contrast, raw materials, logistics and other prices impact small many.
In Huang Weijue's view, enterprise to continue operations, the necessary expenditure or flowers, although various cost increases to above the product price range, but on the other hand, the increase of production time also received orders more, compared the two, it is their earning less money.
It is understood that the larger Christmas supplies manufacturing enterprises, in the think of a way through large orders to pull low individual product cost, small scale enterprise manpower cost pressures greater instead.
In the interview, there are business owners said that this year has several small businesses because of high production costs, coupled with the production of non-standard conditions to receive bill, had to turn off the plant out of the industry.
To avoid potential effects of different business processing outsourcing power
In addition to the artificial cost, limiting the potential impact of the same can not be ignored.Some enterprises in order to avoid power, some choice in the field set up another processing plant, others put some on the downstream processes outsourced to other factories.
In Yiwu Christmas supplies accessories business with Mr. Zhang had be bitter.Last year, his home located in Jin Hua factory because of power, usually one day to finish the work at least three days to complete."If this is so, definitely will affect the credibility of enterprises, the future orders will bring bad influence."
Consider again, Mr. Zhang this year will list is split into several parts, simple manual procedures complete outsourcing to Lishui, processing production, then unified send downstream enterprises.
The origin is not Yiwu's Christmas supplies suppliers, the production base moved to Yiwu is also not so high.
"In particular, order date up close when parked on a day will bring a series of negative chain reaction."A " Christmas Village " of Yiwu Futian Christmas supplies professional market businesses, they basically are in the factory prepared several generators, for use of any possible to pull brake to be restricted report.If possible, will consider in the surrounding counties and cities set up another processing point, or in the field to find appropriate outsourcing enterprises.
Transition samples
Abandon the traditional low-profit commodity
The development of new products daily decoration
Production of the incremental cost, light relies on traditional products have been unable to ensure that the original profit margins.To solve the problem, only in the new products do more article," I have no people " professional products.
In "the Christmas Village" Bo Xu crafts company stores, boss Huang Yunxu designed several months of new products have a sample.
Last year, Huang Yunxu introduced the first fusion of Chinese and Western elements Christmas lanterns, domestic and foreign customers by the praise.This year, he has just introduced mirror acrylic hollow hanging sheet products ( pictured), also by the customer's praise.
The series is divided into 40 cm square, 20 cm square, a number of specifications, the maximum can be made 1.2 meters by 1.8 meters specifications, a variety of hanging design according to the customer demand can be changed at any time.
Huang Yunxu describes this coupon can be used as a Christmas tree ornaments, and can also be used to decorate the doors and windows or walls.As long as the pattern with slight modifications, can also be used for other Christmas holiday, suitable for families, enterprises, hotels or gatherings.
In order to expand the sale, Huang Yunxu also designed a number of pattern middle belt quartz clock new products, Christmas supplies concept was extended to home furnishing daily necessities category.In addition, he also designed with LED lamp lights hanging ornaments, enhance value-added products.
" The appearance of the product is fine, but the production process is time consuming, small hanging plate to laser engraving machine carved more than 1 hours, so the wholesale price is more expensive, the small specification 4 yuan a piece, in the specifications to $16 a piece."Huang Yunxu told the reporters, many domestic and foreign customers on product without objection, the key point lies in the price.
A few days later, he is going to Guangzhou to study the new substitute materials and production equipment, specialized R & D, production of the series of products.To this end, he put before sell Christmas ball, Christmas ornaments and other traditional low-profit commodity out of the shop.
Mechanical arm to replace manual live
Investment is not small.
New products to expand, new technology will follow the horse.Yiwu Christmas Supplies Industry Association vice president, Huangyan's Christmas supplies manufacturer Cai Qinliang have experience.
The factory in the introduction of a number of mechanical arm device used to replace manual jobs."Cai Qinliang, now skilled workers are not good, some employees arrived shortly will switch to the factory operation has a great influence on the use of mechanized equipment, can solve these problems well.
Cai Qinliang said of the mechanical arm mainly produces Christmas ball, Christmas bells and other ornaments, efficiency than the production would be much higher.However, the mechanical arm of the price also does not poor, a production line will be more than 100 Wan Yuan.
Cai Qinliang frankly, if it is general small businesses, not to " bleeding " the introduction of similar new equipment.But to do so with commercial enterprise, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore is the inevitable result.If no long-term development goals, enterprises will not be able to keep up the pace of upgrading products.
Christmas supplies industry associations responsible person, too concentration and low technology content of the production enterprises, will only lead to increasingly fierce price competition, at the same time, but also help to promote Yiwu the class of the product and quality.Only broken then, can drive whole industry's future development, in the high-end Christmas supplies market to grab a larger share.
Don't worry about $ orders do not
Price settlement in RMB
For Christmas supplies manufacturer, the exchange rate is in addition to the artificial salary and a frequently mentioned keywords.
Since last year, the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. "broken 7 " since, this exchange rate is farther breakthrough 1: 6.5.With a $1000000 order for example, Yiwu enterprises will lose about $70000 in revenue.
"The enterprise does not want to loss, increase be imperative."Christmas in Yiwu Industry Association Secretary-General Chen Jinlin introduced, according to incomplete statistics, the local enterprise's price is 5% ~ 10% Puzhang amplitude, but this can only be a temporary solution to the pressure on the exchange rate.In view of this situation, many enterprises begin to adopt the RMB clearing to do foreign trade.
Cai Qinliang, Christmas supplies manufacturers require foreign RMB settlement, established mainly from two aspects : one is to meet the mass consumer market abroad Christmas supplies, mostly from the Yiwu market, business Baotuan after the discourse right before many; two are operating in Yiwu, Christmas supplies business, in recent years has been not anxious order, but worry not timely delivery, if foreign hold dollars, most of the enterprises will not hesitate to conclude the negotiations.
No profit list, global no company will do.Compared with the price concessions to the RMB clearing Yiwu Christmas supplies manufacturers and distributors to adhere to the bottom line.
Dare to say "no" to the American and European market
Emerging market is promising
In order to fiery behind, Yiwu enterprises in Europe and the United States artificial settings of various trade standards started to say "no".
Electric Christmas ornaments, Christmas balls and other products as an example, want to enter Euramerican market, must be consistent with the local variety of product standards.In fact, not up to the standard of Yiwu enterprises, but the standards for the effort and cost, is far less than the trade profits.
There are households, buyers in Europe and America hand requires the enterprises to improve product quality, on the other hand, trying to demand a low price, the pursuit of the market and profit behavior can be understood, but the gap is not too far off, or who can not stand.To some extent, this is a kind of double trade standards of performance.
The reporter understands in interview, at present Russia and Argentina in Central America, Brazil and other places, has become a Christmas supplies foreign trade emerging markets, in recent years these regional orders are also increasing, the total trade volume is expected to more than Europe and the United States market.
Chen Jinlin introduces, at present Yiwu market Christmas supplies of foreign trade within the ratio is about 2: 8, while the domestic market Christmas supplies nearly 80% from Yiwu.With the domestic economy gradually developed, each city on Christmas supplies consumption will continue to increase, to a few enterprises, domestic share is close to the total volume of foreign trade.While emerging markets abroad, will be helpful for enhancing Yiwu Christmas supplies business in the international market words power.According to the Journal

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