Yiwu Customs Clearance will be run more soomthly

iwu Customs clearance will be run more smoothly



( srouce:  Yiwu Business Daily reporters Hong Xinnian and Tong Xunyuan Xu Chong)
From August 15th. 2013, 1507 items general industrial products of the Customs commodity code would not be inspected, which will boost the city's exports

 The further development.

 Yiwu Customs stakeholders, the new face of domestic and international economic environment, the Customs

Department to promote the rapid implementation of national import and export of steady growth, adjusting the

structure of a number of opinions, the United Together AQSIQ adjusted "Frederick Law Directory" and issued a bulletin for law review directory also made

adjustments customs formalities for export goods involving changes in the scope of supervision  And to develop and issued measures to facilitate customs clearance, inspection of the implementation of classification model to improve the relevance and effectiveness of customs inspection. Research has also

seriously Commodity characteristics Cross-border e-commerce development, promote the "market purchases" trade up, facilitating the introduction

of customs clearance, foreign exchange and other incentives.

 "Yiwu Commodity export volume is large, the new policy will bring direct benefits to Yiwu enterprises." Customs officers said, Yiwu Customs Department will conscientiously implement the spirit from  China Customs Head office.

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