"Yiwu" become the gold card of "made in china"

August 16 to 20, deputy secretary of Xiu-sen led the market development, the exhibition Office, Mall Group and other staff of the unit went to the Egyptian campaign, Yiwu market and the series of exhibitions. Yiwu year 5000 to a visa, local people in Chinese pronunciation of "Yiwu" to solicit business, introduced when Yiwu attract humming ... ... are all showing the "Yiwu" In Egypt, thousands of miles away the charm.

During the promotion, called on the Egyptian international exhibitions and Expo General Chairman Sharif Salim, Alexander Adeerla than non-governors and Taree Ke Ai Er Kaiyi Speaker, met with the commercial counselor of Chinese Embassy in Egypt, Alexandria Chinese Consulate Consul General, and separately with Egyptian entrepreneurs associations, business representatives and held discussions with the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce. Xiu Xian Details of the Yiwu market development and to Yiwu Fair, travel expo, Fair Council ICIF represented by the exhibition industry, but also to the friends of the construction of Egypt "African Street" project.

Alexander would like to build "Yiwu City"

Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city, but also Africa's second largest city, is Egypt's transportation and industrial center. From time to time met with more than Adeerla, Xiu-sen said, Yiwu, with Egypt's increasingly close economic and trade exchanges, there are more than 1,500 merchants resident in Egypt, Yiwu, Egypt commercial agencies in meaning over 62 in 2008, Yiwu exported to more than 20 million of goods in Egypt U.S. dollars. Xiu Xian invited to participate in Yiwu Fair Edeerla than not to promote economic and trade exchanges between the two places. Edeerla more than happy to say that last December, Taree Ke Ai Er Kaiyi delegation visited Yiwu, Yiwu is full of charm, Yiwu's experience. Alexandria port in very good condition, but also to think about building products center. If Yiwu able to participate in the construction, Alexander can provide the best sites for free. He said he would to visit Yiwu at a convenient tim

Egyptian companies are interesting in Yiwu Market

17, morning, Xiu-sen and his party and Alexander, president and members of business associations held discussions. Xiu Xian said, Yiwu market, there are 1.7 million kinds of goods, radiation to the global more than 210 countries and regions. She also said the image, Yiwu market has more than 62,000 business-bit, if every business place with 3 minutes to understand the commodities,needs to cost 16 months inYiwu market . Yiwu market conditions triggered a humming Egyptian entrepreneurs. Xiu Xian Yiwu further information on the exhibition industry and the "African Street" project. Request to be entrepreneurs, Taree Ke Ai Er Kaiyi and more than 20 industrial and commercial enterprises in Egypt the same evening with the delegation held another round of discussions, Yiwu, Yiwu Fair on how to organize groups to participate in such event, settled "African Street" matters of detailed consultation, many businesses are willing to presence "African Street" convergence Yiwu market. Alexandria Business Association Fatara run a supermarket chain last year through his agent, Yiwu market purchases from more than 4,000 million yuan worth of goods this year he will be examined further during the Yiwu Fair, Yiwu market.

Consul-General is willing to be spokesperson of Yiwu Market

The Chinese Consulate Consul General Alexander Paul Jenkins, accompanied with the Yiwu delegation initiatively, and participated in promotion activities. To leave Egypt before, Zhan Jing Bao and his wife, arranged a special banquet for the delegation of Yiwu. Paul Jenkins introduced the Egyptian newspapers, television, radio and other media reported that the delegation of Yiwu, the relevant circumstances. Of goods from Yiwu, the local daily consumer goods accounted for more than 80%, he and his wife visited the market, the locals Take the Chinese pronunciation of "Yiwu" to attract business, "Yiwu" have become the golden card in China. the Egyptian Consulate issued more than 5000 merchants visa per year to Yiwu, . Paul Jenkins, said: Yiwu in the Sino-Egyptian economic exchanges have played a special role, he will play the role on advocacy Yiwu, engage in commercial activities for facilitate the customers in Egypt.

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