Yiwu businessmen withdrawal from Libyan smoothly

Mr. Yang said that he had to do business in Dubai. Six or seven years ago, that there are business opportunities in Libya after the Libyan capital Tripoli, came to engage in commodity trade.

    Libya's political turmoil, he has been think over of their own security concerns. "Business can not do, and hid rented room, on hearing the gunfire, I could not sleep."

"25, at the national help, we have left Libya, Tunisia, waiting for rescue aircraft in the home." Yesterday, waiting to return home in Tunisia membership Yiwu merchants Mr.Yang told reporters via cell phone text messages.
    Making inquiries by reporters yesterday, who were waiting for the return Yiwu from Libyan, not only the one Mr. Yang. To the present, Yiwu businessmen in Libya has been successfully withdrawned, but the exact number is not yet clear.

    According to the Ministry of Commerce publicly disclosed information, as at present, the withdrawal of 20,000 from the Libyan people. About 7,000 people have arrived in a third country, about 700 of them returned, about 8300 people are on the way to go to a third country. Of which there are Yiwu merchants.

    "When I saw the fellow holding the flag greeted us, I'm in tears." Old Yang said.

    According to Xinhua and other media reports, after leaving the Chinese Embassy to send collusion in Tunisia, so that the famous old Yang, who was admitted to the Tunisian resort island Ji Erba hotel. Leave with them, and also from Gezhouba Power Group Corporation, China Survey and Design Institute and Beijing Central Engineering Group employees Wang Fujian. Including Yiwu merchants, including at least 2,500 people. In another two or three days, they can return to Yiwu.

    After the international financial crisis, Yiwu tended to increase on trading with  Libya  . Yiwu Foreign Trade Bureau said the 1600 opening in Yiwu foreign trade companies, the Libyan company will have 16. Compared to the year to keep up, Yiwu trade last year increased 44.47% in Libya, the export growth rate second only to Pakistan, ranked second.

    Libya is located in northern Africa, more than 90% throughout the desert semi-desert areas, coastal inland areas are the plains below 200 meters above sea level, north-east is 500 meters above sea level to 1,500 meters mountains, land area of 1,760,000 square kilometers, rich in oil, commodities and other commodities generally rely on imports.

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