Yiwu market Christmas sales increased by 30 percent
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Yiwu market Christmas sales increased by 30 percent
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Nowadays it is the world's Christmas purchasing season, In Yiwu market's Christmas is also in tension procurement procurement and production. Christmas Products Industry Association, Chen Jinlin confidently said: "The market conditions this year, far better than last year, orders from the current business situation, sales increased 30% from a year earlier about some companies can even reach double. "

Foreign procurement obviously heavy volume

Professional journalists arrived at Christmas Street Haipeng craft shops, the clerks are busy reception come to the procurement of Russian businessmen, shopkeepers Ding Yiqing told reporters that up big orders this year, but also more up. Ding Yiqing said: "Last year, the financial crisis, foreign procurement, was relatively cautious, after last year's sales, warehouse inventory are short, and this purchase was clearly more forthright." Ding Yiqing to reporters by going through a "old clients" of the purchase record orders last year found that about a container, this year it rose to three containers. Ding Yiqing excitedly said: "This year is so last year turned over several times than purchase it."

Chen Jinlin said the foreign trade market-based short selling Christmas items, buyers focus on replenishment and other reasons, this year's Christmas products industry overall situation is far better than last year. In addition, under the influence of the financial crisis, Fujian, Shenzhen, China's other provinces and cities such as high-end Christmas items are subject to certain impact on the industry, while adhering to the city's Christmas "affordable" principle, by the favor of more foreign. Chen Jinlin, for example, Russia, the Philippines and Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries are coming to Yiwu sourcing, to some extent widened the Christmas supplies the international market, led the sales growth.

More extensive product range

Christmas acrylic ornaments franchise's Gordon Liu, this year in April thousands of products with their own professional settled in Christmas Street, Yiwu, and had no professional production and management of corporate Christmas acrylic ornaments. Gordon Liu is the Fujian Xiamen, the factory was run in Jiangxi, but sales for selected products in Yiwu, he had his own opinion. He said: "First of all, the platform is good, Yiwu market, Yiwu, there are so many traveling businessmen, business opportunities are limitless; Second, Yiwu Christmas sales platform is more mature. Whether or Shenzhen, Fujian, only a year before selling Christmas gift shopping season, the market usually do not see Christmas in the shadow, and customers can purchase in Yiwu year to Christmas, when the off-season we can mutually explore the development of new products, the atmosphere is also very good business. "

A company called "Miller" inflatable Yiwu enterprises have also set up commercial spaces, to fill the Yiwu market, the blank Christmas inflatable products, Christmas candles, and other types of Christmas Yiwu enterprises are also being entered. Chen Jinlin, said the industry trade association committed to the building of Christmas products to attract more enterprises to enter the Yiwu market not only rich products, bring convenience to the buyers, but also to guide the entire industry better. Chen Jinlin also specifically referred to "a monk from the Scriptures" to bring in more Christmas products, but also give local businesses the opportunity to learn, explore each other to promote development of the industry.

Independent Innovation

Business households Huang Yunxu invented "Christmas Lantern", the news came out, we have to find out his store. Original, Huang Yunxu shell packed to the Chinese lanterns, a "foreign-core", Chubby red lanterns which turned out to be turning in Santa Claus and his sleigh. "This invention has been patented, and I name it 'Christmas lantern'." Huang Yunxu a good mood and give you about them.

Chen Jinlin told reporters, it's not news that independent innovation, develop new products in the Christmas industry, but as the market increasingly competitive, independent research and development enterprise is becoming more conscious. Haipeng technology companies such as putting in a lot of funds every year for independent research and development, Chen Jinlin that R & D of new products last year, not enough time to test the water, this year's new products, then play it on the market of new products this year, sales volume is rich in a bull factor.


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