Yiwu model replicated by Zhuzhou,Is it feasible?
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Yiwu model replicated by Zhuzhou, Is is peasible?

The plan is to use Zhejiang Commodity killer source of goods, leveled Zhuzhou commodity market prices. His plan feasible?

Nothing a small town to small commodity market as the core, from buying the country, selling the country to buy global, sell global. 18 consecutive years in the National Commodity Exchange

Market leader, to become world-famous International Trade City. Known as the never ending of the exposition. Yiwu, where is the magic?

Zhuzhou Business Humanities Guohua, said he is a person who never visit the market, but only visit the Yiwu market. Yiwu market, much to his shock, can be said to see him with a Yiwu fun. Yiwu market, merchants and so much love at first sight, might as well say that love at first sight with the Yiwu Small Commodity. He immediately decided to also make a similar Zhuzhou Commodity Market

. Returned immediately after the investigation found that the apparel market Zhuzhou Lusong business district and more than 40, while only a small commodity market. "A family was necessary, all necessary for small business Commodities Tan, Central South and there is obvious demand, why can not more than a few in Zhuzhou it? "Wen Guo-hua said.

This business has a culture Guohua impulsive behavior and put no less than 500 people in the country. According to reports, the country copied the Yiwu city average of 20 provinces have several, but

Really achieve business expectations seem few and far between. Wen Guo-hua through research, the way in Zhuzhou Lusong acquired an uncompleted flats, built a cost of 1.1 billion, today's Phoenix Huang, Yiwu City, is implementing his business plan for the Phoenix Nirvana. The plan is to use Zhejiang Commodity killer source of goods, leveled Zhuzhou commodity market prices.

His plan is feasible?

Yiwu Zhuzhou imagation

December 17, 2009, to play Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other great men of his party special type cast in Zhuzhou Lusong on the road. Starred in their business is a business Completed floor add to the fun of living here. After 6 months, this building 1-5 story to begin operations commodity market. Entered the business from Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu, Guangzhou,Anhui, Hubei, Shandong and other provinces and cities near 10. Practice according to rules of the game, they quickly established a Chamber of Commerce here.

July 26, 2010, the market came from Zhejiang, Jiangsu fried shop by the management group forced evictions. Shop groups introduced in the market speculation average price of 3,500 yuan / pavement / year when the price

Eat better on the first floor facade of 60, half the price within a few million quick Scoop. From Zhejiang not only adept at real estate speculators, but also fashionable shops speculation. Copy to Yiwu City in Zhuzhou Feasibility of actually first appears promising Zhejiang own people.

To manage in this market, is a local from the Yiwu Market Management Company Limited. They are said to County business to domestic economic development, business industry, market Investment in construction and management of a dedicated research team, not only familiar with the Yiwu market situation and development trend, but also good for the country with different geographical characteristics of the market

Yiwu market, effective docking. They have functioned more than ten large-scale wholesale markets at home and abroad, enjoys a certain reputation in the industry. Anyway, this Yiwu City, whether goods, business users, or managers with the same Yiwu City. Is a true copy. It seems that Feng

Yiwu City of Phoenix Phoenix Nirvana implementation of the scheme have a saddle horse. Yiwu image previews Zhuzhou.

What based Zhuzhou?

However, the true model to successfully replicate Yiwu easy? Shopping the management from the general manager of Yiwu, Yan Liang said: "no easy task. Must seize the core replication -Goods, business model, management model, and even its spirit, ideas, etc.. Yiwu market, with close butt, really become the secondary wholesale market, Yiwu, in China again

Yiwu build a similar market size is difficult to become a reality. Yiwu market, because many can not replicate the success of the historical factors, cultural traditions and many other reasons. "

Almost all the project's feasibility study report will be so: Zhuzhou location, transport facilities, is an important transport hub in southern China,

Is a delay to the city by train ... ... In fact, the business no matter how promising the transport advantages of Zhuzhou, no matter how optimistic one is the train dragged to the city, attracting the most commercial value than this set of data:Zhuzhou population of 3.828 million, the urban population of more than 100 million; Tan population of 13 million, Central Region Population 300 million.

Then is: because the Zhuzhou Lusong apparel market group, is the largest clothing South China logistics center, is one of the top ten apparel markets, have a good business Zhuzhou

Industry and business base.

The way the market operates mainly by urban and rural commercial wholesale trade, wholesale and retail. Integration of upstream and downstream through the logistics channels in order to build a distribution network of goods distribution services

To the menu service carrier to stabilize the transaction to information services for business-oriented guide urban and rural trade and consumption.

This market operations of business entities to determine the market should be a group of high-quality team. The market vendors (merchants) subjects include: Brand Health Production and agents; general merchandise manufacturers and dealers; brand business enterprise; distribution company; e-business; individual industrial users; individual business households. Procurement market Of the main logistics provider for the region; chain franchise; join operators; group buyers; Town and Village Engineering buyers; general retailers and buyers outside the province.
Commodity prices could set off the revolution?

What is Goods butt? Zhejiang Yiwu butt is even ex-factory price products manufacturer, is the "origin, source of goods, the source of value" goods.

Then the origin, source of goods, the source of prices of goods, whether the wave of commodity prices in Zhuzhou the revolution? Yan Liang said: from Yiwu, Zhejiang, and even small business

Most of cheap goods, the market will cause prices in Zhuzhou revolution can not say, but the storm off the price is in the affirmative.

No Xiang not a military, not a business without Zhejiang. Among those who do business in Yiwu popular phrase seems to explain the strength of the price advantage. This sentence is called "earned a dime starvation

, Earned a penny Cheng Si. "Means that a product, you want to earn a dime, will not be good business. But if you earns a penny, then the business will not finish every day. The

Indeed, it is merely one of the most common, but the principle of small profits.

Of course, the industry also believe that the price advantage is just one aspect of the formation of market size, distribution channels, trading and other aspects of modern competitive advantage

Is the ultimate goal.

Market-proven, with the kind of shoddy, fake means to support low-cost carriers has become a fact of history. Yiwu model underscores its educational function of incubation

. Industry in the development of modern commerce, based on the natural formation of modern business and technical personnel system, the incubation of new business and industrial entrepreneurs. Relying on the market, driving

The development of modern manufacturing, the formation of local entrepreneurs. It is reported that China Yiwu existing 35 well-known trademarks, Zhejiang Province 83, the number of 23,000 registered trademarks

, Ranking the county-level city first in the country.

Yiwu mode why is rush to copy?

Yiwu China Commodity Market, by the International Trade City, Huangyuan market, knitting market, Binwang market composed of many markets. Yiwu market, a total of more than 13 million

, 10 billion market 5. Since 1991, 18 consecutive years in the top of the national commodity market. Yiwu market as much as monomer scale, domestic and international cities

City second to none. By the United Nations, the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and other authorities described as the world's largest market. Ministry of Commerce presided over the preparation of the "Yiwu China Small

Commodity Index "regularly released to the world as the world commodity price movements of production and trade" wind vane "and" barometer. "

Logistics is the lifeblood of Yiwu, Yiwu commodity information is the boost to the world of wings. Now the mere transport of goods from the traditional form of the modern comprehensive property

Current service system, to become the busiest carrier in Zhejiang Province, the largest volume of business one of the four modern logistics hub, foreign direct ownership of road transport, railways, shipping, shipping

Three-dimensional mode of transport, with road-based logistics company with more than 700, has a relatively complete cargo system, radiation in the world, became the largest inland port in

Container 400 000 export standards. Yiwu International Trade City is a modern, international, information technology in one of the commodities trading market, achieved from the traditional to modern trade to

Merchandise display, negotiation, order-based and e-commerce to change the way modern business, was at home and abroad as "the never ending of the exposition."

October each year by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial Government jointly organized the "China Yiwu International Commodities Fair", become the "Fair", "China Trade Fair"

After the third largest professional exhibition in China. Yiwu trade with countries and regions have reached 215, the annual container exports more than 500,000; have come from more than 100 countries and

Area more than 12,000 permanent Yiwu international customers for international procurement, there are 197 countries and regions outside the staff handled more than 66,000 residence permits, visas, permanent Yiwu

, Received 348,000 tourists from overseas shopping trips, approved the establishment of representative offices of overseas companies have 1 340. Today, Yiwu has become to attract foreign investors "strong magnetic field"

, The center of global trade flows.

20 years, guide commercial surplus capital to invest in Yiwu industrial area, relying on the commodity market, relying on technology and innovation, to develop commodity processing industry, building

The "small commodity, large industry, small businesses, large clusters" of industrial economic development pattern. Radiation in the market, cultivating a shirt, hardware, jewelry, handicrafts, zippers, hair

Spinning, knitting socks, color printing and packaging industry and product advantages, the emergence of "Langsha" Socks, "Shin Kong" jewelry, "annual Red" mahogany furniture and a large number of well-known products

License, Yiwu market, commodities, local products accounted for 2 / 3, set for the support of local industrial, industrial, commercial mutual promotion and coordinated development, joint development of a model

. Yiwu There are countless millions, millionaire, Yiwu market, many operators to bring great wealth.


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