Yiwu World Trade Center--he tellest building to begin constr

Yiwu new landmark- Yiwu World Trade Center building
Yiwu new landmark- Yiwu World Trade Center building

 Yesterday morning, Yiwu first "urban complex" project - Yiwu World Trade Center was officially laid the

foundation stone. 5.0 billion of this investment, building height of 260 meters in CBD core items, and the whole Zhejiang Yiwu

will become the tallest building in the region.
    World Trade Center is located in Yiwu, Yiwu International Trade City financial and commercial core area. Total land area of

49,500 square meters, construction area of 472,000 square meters of planning, building 260 meters from the high-rise five-star

hotels, three of the 150-meter-high hotel and luxury residential apartments, as well as large area of 118,000 square meters of

commercial Skirt housing component.

    neoglory Group to create Yiwu new landmark    

The project investor is the neoglory Group, from fashion accessories industry, set investment, trade, real estate in one of

private enterprise groups, Zhou Xiaoguang, chairman of the famous women entrepreneurs. May 24th, 2010,with 1.096 billion yuan

by the neoglory Group bided and over other strong competitors Greentown, successfully competing in Yiwu International Trade City financial business district 01-09 plots. Get this CBD core block, the neoglory Group, the planning of the project was repeatedly

demonstrated positioning to create first-class "urban complex" concept began to emerge.

    The so-called "urban complex", that is, the city's commercial, office, residential, hotels, exhibition, restaurant,

conference, entertainment and urban living space, transportation and other combination of three or more, and interdependence,

mutual benefit, thus forming a synthesis.

    neoglory Group President, Le Centre Development Co., Ltd. Yiwu Yu Yun noted that the new World Trade Center, Yiwu is the

largest since the neoglory Group to create a project, but also a city of Yiwu, the first ever complex projects. 260 meters high-

rise building will become a new landmark in the city of Yiwu; large area of the commercial podium result in the Zhejiang region

will play the largest and highest grade of very large shopping mall, will change the Yiwu wholesale retail and commercial


    Yiwu Why create more high-building more

    With the fast growth of urban construction, Yiwu, land resources and urban development has become increasingly acute

contradictions. To achieve the intensive use of land, Yiwu implementate land on the air " the transformation model. The next

three years, more than 100 12-storey high-rise apartments will be erected in Yiwu.

    Land is becoming increasingly expensive. Just last Friday, Yiwu North Gate Street block after a fierce bidding, the final 3.6

billion to the price of 81 million has been won, Zhejiang triple Holdings Limited, and about 35,000 yuan per square meter of floor

price Yiwu broken land records.

    Yiwu any standing around a mountain, the most spectacular scenes of urbanization is into the film into a piece of "four half"

surrounded by the International Trade City, Convention Center and other landmarks. Yiwu Shinong Ban Bao Xiaolong said Chief of

rural development, which is caused by the history of Yiwu, Yiwu, most of the city were originally rural areas. Looking around, all

are unified "4 of the half," taste is really not high. (Tony Vision)

    A diffuse high-rise Running in the major cities

    Fire Department, according to data provided by Ministry of Public Security, the current total of nearly 98,000 high-rise

building, 100 meters above the high-rise building 1154, and is growing rapidly.

    In honor of the economic base and the dual role of the city, a high-rise Running out of major cities in China spread. Some

governments to promote the achievement as a high-rise building projects, blind comparisons; and some real estate enterprises to

increase the housing floors, expanded floor space, the pursuit of economies of scale, hard cover high-rise building.

    People living in high-rise buildings to bring enjoyment and conservation of land, but also hides a huge security risk. Public

safety experts point out that high-rise building looks beautiful, but it will lead to fire safety hazards, land subsidence and the

environment, energy, transportation and a series of related issues.

    Construction is not as high as possible, a high-rise buildings erected in the same street, there is security, internal

transportation, environment, energy consumption is difficult to properly resolve other issues. In addition, the high-rise

buildings increased, often resulting in the sunshine, air circulation, and other obstacles, causing damage on people's health.

    In fact, building the first application and economic principles should be emphasized. High-rise buildings brought about

negative effects of forcing some local governments to modify the idea of the past. (sourcing:Xinhua News Agency)

    List of Zhejiang high-building

    323 meters

    The tallest building in Zhejiang

    Wenzhou World Trade Center

    260 meters

    Yiwu World Trade Center

    258 meters

    The tallest building in Hangzhou

    Zhejiang Fortune Financial Center

    160 meters

    Currently the tallest building in Jinhua

    World Trade Center, Yongkang

    133.9 m

    Currently the tallest building in Jinhua City

    Jinmao Tower

    131 meters

    Currently the tallest building in Yiwu

    Yiwu Broadcasting Center Building

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