Zhejiang Yiwu settled--The largest hotel articles trade city

Zhejiang Yiwu settled--The largest hotel articles supplies City,   
   April 7, 2011 Source: Zhejiang Daily News

    Under the street from the Wang Village Jiangdong,Yiwu City was informed that the largest hotel articles in Zhejiang supplies

Trade Center "under the king of hotel supplies City," 8th of this month will be officially open for business. Currently, more than

800 shops have been robbed in a space

. The hotel items market will be the collection of ceramics, kitchen equipment, hotel supplies, glassware, and other professional

procurement platform.
It is reported that the next king of hotel supplies City, located in the lower zone of entries in D, and the Yiwu International

Exhibition Center across the street, show obvious advantages. The project is under the Wang Village, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu

investment and development, from Yiwu DNT

Real Estate Marketing Planning Limited is responsible for investment planning.
Program shows that the new market will be located in the set display, trade, logistics, warehousing and office in one of the

National Trade Centre, the new hotel supplies, but also within the Yangtze River Delta region's only trade the products of both

Hotel supplies wholesale license.
"Yiwu too need a professional procurement center of the hotel supplies." Yiwu DNT Chao, general manager of real estate marketing

plan introduced in the second half of 2008, the company and pass under the granddaddy

Through market research and found that the lack of a central hotel Yiwu goods market. She said that firms are more dispersed Yiwu

hotel supplies, customers purchase hotel supplies, often have to run in several places, not necessarily looking for full-

. Products such as glass, mostly in Zhaozhai area, kitchen supplies concentrated in the Station Road ... ... So, many buyers had

to go orders, Guangdong, where there is a most sophisticated hotel supplies

Market --- Guangzhou International Hotel Articles City Shaxi.
Opening of the Yiwu hotel supplies City, fully meet the needs of our customers one-stop shopping. From the investment situation,

the market will bring together the professional ceramic products, kitchen equipment, hotel clothing, tableware series

Columns, the lobby supplies, customer supplies, matching furniture, cleaning equipment and dozens of hotel supplies.
According to reports, the investment projects started in November last year, more than 800 shops were looted in more than 300

manufacturers from Jiangxi, Guangdong, Shandong, more than 20 provinces. Of these, more than half of the shop

Shop with factory direct form.
"My friend booked a 7, I booked a four." Ting said from Chaozhou, Guangdong, is in his friend's introduction, he flew from Yiwu,

Guangdong, scored four shops. Ding Main

Ceramic supplies operating a hotel, he thought by the influence of Yiwu, as long as the business in earnest, it will sell.
Reporters on the scene, the hotel supplies City has not yet officially opened, but some businesses have entered in advance.
"We have come to Yiwu 10 days, did several pen business." Golden Bridge Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. Manager Zhu Li described the

company's previous sales of the Zhejiang region, based in Jinhua. However, this chance encounter

Merchants to the hotel supplies City, the company decided to moved from Jinhua Yiwu sales.
Chao said that the hotel supplies City business, will take full advantage of Yiwu market, the radiation function, to guide both

domestic and foreign trade business, and wholesale and retail sales, hotel supplies exhibition together to build a new platform.

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