China Commodity City huangyuan garment market opened offica

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China Commodity City  huangyuan garment market opened offically
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Yesterday morning, the China Commodity City Huangyuan clothing market opening ceremony live, flags flying, drums and gongs, filled with festive atmosphere. Party Secretary Huang Zhiping Huang said China Commodity City Park clothing market officially opened, Mayor He Meihua speech.

Attended the opening ceremony of a Tongxiang Di, Yang Lin Zhang, Xiu Xian, Ji Jin Fu and other municipal leaders. Quarter just presided over the opening ceremony of gold.

Officially opened yesterday in China Commodity City Huangyuan clothing market, located in Yiwu, the most bustling shopping district embroidered lake, with a total area of ​​117 mu, total construction area of ​​more than 42 million square meters, total investment of 1.4 billion. This has witnessed the creation of the old glory Huangyuan market.

Old Huangyuan market development of Yiwu market has opened a new chapter. Huangyuan clothing market in the old market site Huangyuan expose the "New Face", optimize the layout of the industry, highlighting the advantages of scale, highlights the market opportunity, paddle to the Urban clearly defined and integrated with the embroidered lake district, the effective promotion the wholesale and retail formats format promoted by prosperity.

Mayor He Meihua said in his speech, the newly opened Huangyuan clothing market, is the largest professional Zhejiang apparel market, further enhancing the competitiveness of the apparel market, Yiwu, to promote the apparel industry, international, brand and scale of development has significance.

HMV hopes Mall Group and the majority of business users can be based on a new starting point to broaden the new vision, Yiwu international trade by comprehensive reform of the east, an active market management and business model innovation, market development efforts to enhance the level of effort to fight the apparel market Huangyuan brand management, market, playing a new benchmark for the apparel industry in Zhejiang and create new glory Huangyuan market.

Subsequently, Zhi-Ping Huang, Meihua Huang visited the park apparel market.

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