Creative Cup in Yiwu Market

          In the photo, this is a kind of creative cup with elephant nose hand in yiwu Market, it was very popular in Youth couples as best favoraters.


creative elephant nose hand cup
creative elephant nose hand cup
with People's living standards improvement, the appearance of glass was demanded by people more and more critical, especially younth requires both good-looking and practical. Therefore, the appearance of some businesses in the design of pains.
Yiwu International Trade City Area with four shops, the several glass designs are quite innovative, creative flew to a small cup "good" again. First, the eye is a target nose couple cups, cup walls are painted as the public face as the face and the mother, to the trunk is just outstanding cup handle. Doo dealers introduced to this couple cups and cup design features of the elephant right to combine both practical and stylish, especially for young couples to use to launch soon very popular.

Another cup is the cup skirt, the lid with a red bow and black spot pattern, the shape made of white princess dress, red high heels wearing Beibi legs, put the lid on after wearing a princess dress happens to be a girls, life. "Some of the gift shop, specialized creative store will come to find this rather unusual appearance of the cup, saying such a good price from selling the cup." Daw said that although this skirt cup ceramic cup than the average wholesale price is higher the twenty-three yuan, but a lot of purchases, merchants specializing in gift shopping but a little more willing to choose this innovative cup.

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