the Express Industry Association was established in Yiwu

the first National County-level city Express Association was established  in Yiwu

 Author: Gu Yongliang He Bailin, Source: Jinhua Daily Time :2011 -12-13 09:47 


 Yesterday, Yiwu City Express Logistics Industry Association was established, which is the first county-level city express logistics industry associations.
 Express logistics industry is an emerging industry, is an important part of modern service industry. In recent years, relying on Yiwu Commodity City's geographical advantage and an active e-commerce transactions, Yiwu express logistics industry is developing rapidly. Currently registered in Yiwu, the size of up to 85 courier companies, domestic and international courier companies have entered the famous Yiwu. Yiwu International Express is now an annual 30 percent growth, domestic express average daily volume is up to 35 million votes / day. Express Association recently released by the China domestic express service in the list of key urban development, Yiwu, a large amount of the national courier business is one of 15 cities, Yiwu logistics and express the amount of the annual ranking 10th.

 It is understood, Yiwu City, after the establishment of express logistics industry associations, government departments will assist the industry in the investigation, decision-making consulting and industrial policy-making and other activities, and express logistics market in Yiwu to rectify and standardize order of express logistics business has played an active role in promoting Yiwu express logistics industry into the healthy and orderly development track.



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