Willing wedding brings more business opporturnities for Chin

Prince William bustling wedding brings Chinese businessmen fortune

 Prince William's wedding bustling, Chinese businessmen exploit fortunes stealthily--- If you yesterday in London, if you look carefully at those on a variety of wedding souvenirs, you will find a lot of things are madein china.

 Tangshan: commemorative plates won the big one

 Currently in the UK, one of the best-selling product is a white commemorative porcelain plate, blue pattern, heart-shaped pattern of the plates. The plates most special place, that is affixed above the picture of William and Kate. There are 75,000 of these plates, place of origin is China, "North porcelain ", famous for its rich bone Tangshan.

 British royal wedding news announced last year, shortly after William, Tangshan Porcelain Company, a trading company from the hands of the British Graham Wood got this big order, china pattern designed by the British.

 According to British media reports, these ceramics are sold in the United Kingdom as an ordinary tourist souvenirs, and not, as some media claimed, was the wedding of Prince William's "royal family designated"products. As a dedicated royal souvenirs, there are specialized agencies "Royal Collection" responsible for the design and management, and has been recognized William and Kate. All of these porcelain manufacture in the UK.

 Yiwu: "Memorial wedding ring" Kuangxiao 5,000,000

 The most notable wedding of Prince William, is worn on the hands of the rocket Kate sapphire engagement ring. William and Kate announced the engagement last year, China Yiwu, a jewelry company launched the site imitation (as shown above, workers in the production ring. Xinhua News Agency.) And now, this imitation has sold in Europe and the United States as many as 5 million.

 Yiwu shrewd businessman even call this "piracy wedding ring", and design out three or four grades. The use of most low-grade acrylic material, the wholesale price of only about $ 3 a (about 20 yuan); the most high-end to replace the use of zirconia sapphire stone, high quality rhinestones instead of diamonds, a diamond ring sold for nearly 40 dollars (about 270 yuan). In order to avoid infringement of intellectual property rights, imitation platinum sapphire clip small claws 6 less than genuine, rings and ring patterns are not the same as authentic.

Until now, there are many shops sales on Kate wedding dress in the chinese famous domestic C2C trade plan website taobao.com also.the price different from RMB1600-RMB5000 each set, and can produced as the clients's demand size.


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