Yiwu Carried the Flag of "seamless garment made in China"(issuied by yiwu sourcing agent-Yamei Trading on 2010.01.03)

The last week of 2009, along with freezing rain and the looming Nongyun winter sun, it ushered in the new

year. Rarely seen in history to face the international financial crisis, hurricanes, Yiwu, a seamless garment,

like a side of the red flag fluttering in the wind, fly high. Looking back a year, Yiwu City, Weaving Industry

Association, Jian-Wei Tao seamlessly with confidence that we will usher in the spring of the development of a

seamless garment, seamless garment Yiwu, will carry the "seamless garment, Made in China" banner !

Under the influence of financial crisis, the rapid development of

Second half of 2008 the outbreak of the international financial crisis, with the global economy in 2009,

bursts of "wind" can Yiwu seamless garment industry production and sales is an entirely different story. In

Yiwu International Trade City, a seamless garment business is extremely strong, all foreign orders

continuously operating households, domestic procurement is also very prosperous.

Jian-Wei Tao, said full-year 2009 production of seamless garments are better than last year, is particularly

evident since the second half, many companies seamless garment production tasks have been routed in 2010. His

digital Knitting Co., Ltd. Zhejiang rod kit on orders routed to the in May 2010.

What made this a seamless garment, "contrarian flying"? Jian-Wei Tao analysis, mainly due to the financial

crisis to France, Italy, Spain, Israel and other businesses have closed their counterparts in developed

countries, while the market demand for seamless garment still exists, the results of Ben Qi Yiwu buyers have


Entrepreneurial impulse: who will build a platform

Financial crisis contributed to the transfer of industries around the world, there has been a global resource

integration opportunities, to include China, Yiwu enterprises, including enterprises using their own

advantages of centralized development time. Yiwu seamless garment industry bosses to seize this opportunity,

increase investment, the introduction of equipment to expand production. Jian-Wei Tao said that at present the

owner of the venture industry is very strong impulse, especially in industry backbone enterprises.

Although entrepreneurs have such entrepreneurial impulse, however, the release of the land to become

entrepreneurs entrepreneurial impulse of the biggest constraints. Jian-Wei Tao said, we need a "collection

with the settlement" a platform for entrepreneurial passion.

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