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Recently, an international logistics center in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province customs protection of intellectual property results in the exhibition hall, "good job!" Genoa, Italy, customs authorities struggled to Mr. Fred wrote this book in the comments of several Chinese characters. Netherlands Embassy and Mr. Rich Grihater the Commissioner of Customs with "Impressive (impressive)!" To describe the feelings of this trip. China Customs IPR protection work in Yiwu, the small showroom in the customs form a microcosm, has been to participate in "China-EU Action Plan on IPR customs Third Expert Group Meeting on" European experts of the same praise.

"Yiwu IPR protection has always been the focus of attention." Zhang Yiwu Customs said, "Our goal is to create a national demonstration model for the Customs Protection of Intellectual Property for rugged Commodity exports build the border line of protection of intellectual property. "

Yiwu Customs National Customs system as the only one located under the Customs Intellectual Property Section, has been just over a year since the switching time, and seized more than 2,650 pieces of suspected infringing goods, successfully protected the 26 countries and regions 266 intellectual property rights, intellectual property protection measure of success.

Eight law enforcement and judicial departments butt joint

"In 2003, 5.1 million TEU"

"In 2006, 30.2 million TEU"

"2009, 51.1 million TEU"

"... ..."

In recent years, Yiwu to the development curve as "monkey drill days," as has been rising. Yiwu Small Commodity Market from the original "street market", "scaffolding market" to become the country's largest small commodities export base as well as the world's largest commodity distribution center, operates in 16 categories, the total class of 4202, more than 170 million products, exported to 215 countries and territories worldwide. Yiwu not only into China's household, but also to the world's cities and towns.

Yiwu of cheap, but the characteristics of the United States in helping them to seize the international market has also brought problems, some unscrupulous elements driven by the interests of attempting to export of goods infringing intellectual property rights and undermines the normal trade order in Yiwu, Yiwu also damaged international image.

For exports, border protection of intellectual property is the last line of defense. Yiwu daily export volume over 1000 TEUs, customs and tremendous pressure on this last line of defense.

In this regard, for violations of the characteristics of area, Yiwu Customs increased the risk countries, strenuous efforts to fight sensitive goods, to focus on typical cases to point to specific action lines, points and lines combined, and joint local police, prosecution, technology, industry and commerce, quality supervision, journalism, publishing, tobacco monopoly, and other departments have jointly established IPR enforcement and criminal justice work in collaboration with the "eight departments mechanism" to form a comprehensive network to combat infringement, intellectual property rights to build Yiwu "big umbrella" . In the "World Expo 2010 Shanghai Intellectual Property Protection" and "Intellectual Property Protection in 2010 World Cup in South Africa" and other special operations during the World Cup in South Africa seized suspected of infringing the trademark rights of the goods 136,198, involving 16 trade country, and seized suspected violation of the special marks of the Shanghai World Expo 1800 of goods, and earnestly safeguard the interests of right holders.

Innovation Management Quartet involved in the formation of "brainstorming"

"By cracking down on infringement regulate market behavior is an important duty for customs, but such protection is not enough." Yiwu Customs Intellectual Property Section, Luo Xu-Hong said, "Our focus is on innovative ideas, intellectual property rights through the expansion of customs" before the extension Type "source management, establish IPR protection awareness of the whole society."

"Pinch refers to the math, this year I attended lectures customs protection of intellectual property and the training has been less than ten times. Each time I have personally attended, some of the policies of the dictation I can." Huacheng customs charge money grand Agency Ltd. jokingly said, "My favorite is the" Quartet meeting "training session."

Money magnificent call "Quartet meeting" training will be the last to break the routine Yiwu Customs, Customs officers in the past, people with the right to meet, exchange and share information related to intellectual property protection of traditional modes of communication, the introduction of customs brokers, freight forwarding companies, the Quartet troops to their shared knowledge of the most familiar, the right people are familiar with how to identify true and false messages of goods, the Customs Protection of Intellectual Property to master the latest policies and regulations, customs brokers in the accumulation of daily orders of the latest trends in intellectual property protection, the formation of protection of intellectual property knowledge of the "brainstorming."

"This kind of exchange and training is really important to us, the customs protection of intellectual property is very strict, zero tolerance, once received a list of infringing goods, our company will be placed in the" life and death of the cliff, "" money, said the grand "So every time I have personally participated in, in order to protect their business, we are determined not to touch the infringement of this high-voltage lines."

Like this initiative to enhance the protection of intellectual property-oriented, innovative ideas and working mechanism through innovative measures as well. For example, local industry associations to strengthen the supervision and direction to guide local Logistics Association, Freight Forwarders Association, Association of Customs Brokers Association nurturing high-quality logistics and other industries, setting a good example for other enterprises; carry out delivery service "into the market, enterprises, progress will be" activities to market dealers, business owners and major publicity customs protection of intellectual property policy measures to guide the law-abiding and orderly operation; internal development and application of "integrated management system Hangzhou Customs Intellectual Property", the realization of intellectual property cases dealing with electronic management of the whole process .

"2009 China Top Ten IPR Customs Protection Case", "2009 Japanese-funded enterprises in China Ten contributions of intellectual property protection sector" one of the "2009 China Yiwu, founded the collective intellectual property protection of advanced pilot cities" ... ... Yiwu Customs more than a year on the IPR protection efforts are beginning to slowly gain results. (

Source from Legal Network - Legal Daily)

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