Yiwu Customsl be opened officially

(issued 2009 07.16)

Yesterday. Yiwu Customs officially be opened ", which is the first district as county-level city under the Hangzhou Customs and Excise Department. Gong Zheng, deputy governor of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Customs and Excise, Xu Dao-wen, Jinhua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu ended flat, Jinhua Municipal Committee, secretary of Wu Wei-rong, Yiwu City, Jinhua, Vice Mayor, Yiwu Mayor Mr. He also attended the Yiwu Customs opening ceremony.
Jinhua Customs Yiwu Office --- the predecessor of the Yiwu Customs ,has been established for Six years since October 2002 , the admissibility of the Yiwu Small Commodity Customs export declaration from 2.1 million in 2003 increased to 27.7 million last year, the export containers from the 2003 growth of 5.1 million TEUs last year, 52.1 million TEUs. In June of this year, the Department received Yiwu Small Commodity export declarations 27000 votes and 49000 TEUs container monitoring, two indicators were not only compared with same period last year increased by 12.5% and 6.5%, respectively, than in May increased 17.4% and 14%.

Yiwu is the province's three "great customs clearance" building one of the key, focusing on cultivating one of the four modern logistics hub. General Administration of Customs, Yiwu tailored specifically for the "travel shopping goods" and simplify the classification policy, opening of small commodities "Iron Sea transport" mode of clearance, with Ningbo port, Shanghai port to implement a one-stop cross-customs clearance. Yiwu Logistics can reach more than 250 large and medium cities in China. The global maritime 20 strong, has 17 offices in Yiwu.

Last year, Yiwu exported 521 thousand standard containers of commodities, an increase of 24%. Yiwu Small Commodity exports this year, the situation in January, following a "good start", in February, after watching from a steady rise in March. March to June, the average monthly export of Yiwu small commodities to 4.8 million TEUs containers, of which April 29 TEUs of export containers 3810, the highest single-day record high exports. To the end of June, the new meaning of foreign bodies in 306, a total of 2430, accounting for the province's total number of 1 / 2 strong.

Zhang Yiwu of Customs and Excise introduced, Yiwu Customs switch, it will set up a special section of intellectual property rights for the commodity exports provide more comprehensive and more effective protection of intellectual property. In the establishment of a separate sections under the Customs protection of intellectual property practice in the national customs the first time.

Yiwu Small Commodity Customs will launch a new identification to send a single working platform and on-site business documents Paihao system to further promote the Yiwu Small Commodity export dependency declarations to achieve and promote commodity efficiently and easily by sea, air, rail-sea transport and railways of international intermodal export of a variety of modes of transport. Support Yiwu air port opening in support of Yiwu processing trade and bonded logistics development, promoting the establishment of a comprehensive Free Trade Zone to promote the internationalization process of Yiwu. Yiwu market operators households, the future is not only convenient for small commodity customs, but also in the "door" handle tax breaks, corporate records and other original must be handled in order to run Jinhua Customs.

In addition to facilitating customs clearance, the Yiwu Customs and Excise Department will launch a series of new measures for administrative affairs, including in the examination hall, customs hall, and the establishment of large-screen release customs clearance of all vulnerability information, setup the "Online Service Hall" to facilitate the enterprises check the goods clearance process .

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