Yiwu Small Commodities Export Grows Well
Updated: 2008-10-07

In the 3rd quarter, the container and export declarations, have risen by 28.3% and 36.6% from the same time last year.

According to customs statistics, in the 3rd quarter of this year, Jinhua Customs declaration to receive Yiwu small commodity
export declarations were 75,644, 143,382 TEUs of containers, compared to the same period last year,it increased by 28.3% and
36.6%. In the current economic situation, Yiwu enterprises responsed in export case change, "reform", foreign trade exports
still maintained a strong momentum of development.

Exploiting new market space

Since last year, the United States because of the sub-loan crisis, RMB appreciation and production costs rising and other factors, small commodities exports face some difficulties. "How to find the right direction in the fluctuations, is the vital of the matter." said by one of the business owners who engaged in foreign trade business for many years.

Mr. Chang is from a toy company, he exports the bulk of Europe and the United States. Products and toys in the storm after
the financial crisis, Mr. Chang's business also experienced twists and turns. But he quickly sights on and expend the market
to Russia, Brazil, India and other emerging markets, carefully study the market situation, customs and etiquette and even
consumer preferences. Just one year, Mr. Chang made from a variety of Russian exports had increased to more than 10 of more
than 100 factories have expanded the scale more than doubled. This change in the total exports has not only reduced, but
increased by.In the emerging market countries, the relatively low labor costs, abundant natural resources, the market has become
increasingly active, more opportunity. Among them, particularly in Brazil, Russia, India and China formed the so-called "BRIC" the most promising.

In Yiwu, many businesses before the impact, to change response in a timely manner, "swing", to look into the rapid "BRIC",
"Diamond-15" and other emerging markets. For emerging markets, business strategy and management changes have taken place
previously printed on the packaging of goods are in English, the addition of Russian, German and so on, even the color of
the product packaging Shading also changed."Now Yiwu enterprises to enhance the ability to adapt to the environment, encountered difficulties will be able to take the initiative to change based on market adjustment and product conversion." said by Toy trade associations Secretary-General Tong Yuan. the Christmas toys from a single piece of this, Yiwu products before being exported to 100 A number of countries, most of the flows to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, a high degree of market concentration
vulnerable to financial turmoil constraints. This year, many companies quickly "turn around" to open up emerging markets, India, Russia, Brazil and other regions of the market grew by nearly twice.

Brand and technology is an eternal theme

"To face the impact of foreign trade and exports recently, as long as following the market situtation, the months always
than more difficult." Jinhua Customs office in Yiwu Wang Zhuren said: "The brand of products and technology-intensive
enterprises is made.The eternal theme of the exhibition is also a breakthrough in the direction of export difficulties. "Customs recent data showed that small commodities who has a good brand , inscience and technology with a high level of quality, can face on strong anti-risk . Yiwu Knitting socks is a major lightspot in exports, the majority exports shows Europe and America top-grade market. In these species, Lang Sha, Mona, Fen Li, and other brand-name export socks to keep prices firm and Wang Shi, 3 compaies owned in the first half of this business knitting socks average export, that price is 0.46 U.S. dollars per pair, all the exports of knitted socks are higher than the average price of 24.3 percent, it shows that brand influence. The products of
these enterprises also continue to innovate new products such as tights and pantyhose become market darlings. In the first halfYiwu area tights and pantyhose faster export growth, reaching 54,500,000 pairs, worth 34,230,000 U.S. dollars, up 38.8 percent and 57.1 percent. Among them, exports to Europe 28,670,000 pairs, the value of 1924 Million, an increase of 73.3 percent and reached 80.8 percent.

Tong Yuan has a deep awareness on science, technology and brand , "price competition no longer meets the nowsday, as soon as
possible escalation of innovation, enterprise is the ultimate way out." He cited as an example, the toy industry.Society has set up R & D center, focused on developing high-end products. If a new speech recognition doll, an innovative use of special smart chip, to setup human-toy dialogue on such a small changes in retail, the price can rise from 100 yuan to over 400 yuan, and sales well potentially . There are a Rubik's Cube for the blind by using the reverse thinking from the development, when it was on market the orders goes on well .

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