Yiwu International Trade reform mobilization meeting held

Yiwu International Trade reform mobilization meeting held
2011-05-07 01:42:21 Source: Youth 0 Times read the news in phone forwarded to the micro-Bo (0)
Yesterday morning in Yiwu CPC training School report hall , Yiwu international trade reform mobilization meeting was held. March 4 this year, the State Council officially approved a comprehensive reform of Yiwu International Trade, which, Yiwu to become China's first 10 economic, DC, first started pilot work compelling.
Yiwu, both is the first national comprehensive reform, is the first county-level cities by the State Council approved a comprehensive reform can be said that Yiwu is the country approved a "special case", Yiwu has become "the most powerful county in China" .

"Yiwu pilot" is the center of international trade as a comprehensive reform in the next 3 years, Yiwu International Trade will focus on the key focus areas and key links, and extract the features of economic development for Yiwu financial models.

Carry out the "Yiwu pilot", the Yiwu Small Commodity market and with the associated international trade, manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and its services, finance, insurance, logistics, information providers will be the first beneficiarys. With the "Yiwu pilot" the smooth progress and the "Yiwu shopping" for further expansion, Yiwu surrounding areas, as well as in other parts of the province of some export business may also be moved into Yiwu.


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