Yiwu Led Lamp Fair holded from Sep.3nd-Sep.5th

Yiwu Led Lamp Fair holded from Sep.3nd-Sep.5th.

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LED lighting, energy-saving lamps become Yiwu Exhibition "Shining Star"
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146 standard booths, 1,500 kinds of products, live everywhere green-eyed blonde wearing a robe or coat the foreign, September 3 to 5, the third exhibition in Yiwu, Yiwu lighting Meihu Exhibition Centre, here to become a lighting industry focal point.

LED lamps into the mainstream

"at present,  Yiwu Lighting Fair already have a relatively fixed number of exhibitors and visitors." Yiwu Xia Lighting Fair Organizing Committee, said the staff, participating lighting companies from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hong Kong, more groups, Yangzhou lights Chamber of Commerce organized the collective participation of six companies.

Yiwu lighting set up this exhibition lighting products, lamps and lighting, LED lighting, professional stage lighting equipment, lighting, electrical lighting, electrical components and supporting manufacturing and testing equipment, six major exhibition, bringing together over 1,500 kinds of products, covering the lighting industry the middle and lower reaches, as a complete industrial chain.

"Compared with the previous sessions, the exhibition there is a significant change, that is, LED lamps into the mainstream of the show." Xia said, before the two exhibitions of products to fluorescent energy-saving lamps, energy-saving LED lights this year is and related accessories accounted for 90% of the ratio. Foreign buyers of energy-saving LED lights are also popular for me. As the fourth generation of LED light energy-saving lamps, lighting has become a popular trend.

Traditional lamps create new ideas

At the show, retro shallow pockets, bird cage, water bottle, umbrella, yurts, handbags and row upon row of lamps of different shapes, the showcase display full. Among them, Yiwu City, Iwamatsu Electronics Gift's "DIY creative gifts Lighting", always attracts the attention of buyers.

"the effect of The first exhibition,  is good." "Iwamatsu technology" exhibitors Ben Chang told reporters that the appearance of their lighting with DIY known, the above are the most traditional incandescent bulbs, but the traditional lighting through innovation, audience popularity is still very busy.

"Shapes but we 'DIY creative gifts Lighting' One of the features, in addition, the shape of lighting with a surface also carved out a different scenery." Zhang Ben said, "these lamps are used inside PVC flame retardant material, then the outer layer of bread suitable for laser engraving on the cloth material, according to the requirements of customers a variety of shapes carved out. "correspondent saw in the booth, retro style lighting shallow pocket, wrapped in a layer of skin the appearance of velvet, carved out of Fu, Xi, peony, chrysanthemum and other hollow design, highlights Chinese style.

"There is a strong Chinese style lighting like most foreign investors." Zhang Ben introduced the first day of exhibition, they met a lot of customer interest, most of them foreign buyers, and the remaining buyers are local and Yiwu, Guangdong and other places.

Smile around the exhibitors

Only half a day, you won a foreign orders, Yiwu, "Orr Fidel" Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. exhibitors overjoyed.

"Orr Fidel" optical technology company, mainly produces LED lighting, although the local businesses, this is first time to Yiwu to set up their stalls on the lighting show. "We mainly want to tap the potential customers on the show, to improve the visibility of what enterprise." The company's business manager Jiang Hui told reporters in advance to do so well prepared to apply the four special booth, no thought, a self-developed LED display on the Showcase, it brought a lot of popularity.

Jiang Hui, said a Spanish customer saw their home lights, just under an order. Another African clients for their interior lighting candle light bulb is very interested in the initiative to leave their contact details, an appointment after the show to continue to negotiate.

Ningbo Donghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. are also many exhibitors harvest. Liu Yanping, president of the company sits on-site, he said, they are high-power outdoor lighting products R & D capacity in the country are considered strong, and their tunnel light different from the four modules, a high degree of illumination, with patents. "East China Sea photoelectric" the lawn, lights, interior lighting and a series of LED products have attracted the attention of many buyers.

"LED unstoppable development of energy-saving lamps, currently lighting landscape lighting and lighting-based business, home lighting market share is not big." But Liu Yanping expected about the prospects for LED home lighting,  there is potential market for LED home light , and must be able to enlarge the market 


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