"yiwu market aircraft carrier" New constractoion in Yiwu China"(issuied by yiwu sourcing agent-Yamei Trading on 2010.01.24)

"market aircraft carrier" New constractoion in Yiwu China

Enjoy "Commodity sea, a shopper's paradise" reputation of the Yiwu, "market aircraft carrier" building again

flowed in.. Yesterday, the Yiwu International Trade City phase 3rd stage-2 area fully cover top.

Knot the top, marking the Yiwu market has leapt to a new level for the market Hengqiang strong, sustainable

prosperity and development of a platform to enhance and expand space.

Jinhua Municipal Committee, Party secretary of Yiwu Zhi-Ping Huang announced the project top-knot. Mayor of

the City top the United States and China congratulated the project node, and the next step the construction

request. City Link

I. Tong Xiang-tai, YANG Lin-zhang, CHEN Xiu-xian, Wang Qing-chi, Ji Jin-fu, and related departments, Zhen Jie

top executives to participate in the ceremony knot.

Construction of three two-stage International Trade City is a provincial city to conscientiously implement the

"two hit" total strategy, efforts to promote international business city construction of a major move. The


Covers an area of 266 mu, building area of 639,000 square meters, plans a total investment of 1.43 billion,

the main building by a five-story underground and surface composed of two layers of design 7300 commercial

spaces, parking spaces

4500. To create a new generation of in accordance with the general requirements of the market benchmark,

engineering design adhering to the "green, environmental protection, energy-saving" idea to continue to import

the three markets have a phase

Can be opened by the opening of skylights, rainwater recycling system and other advanced facilities, and

extensive use of environmentally friendly energy-saving materials and equipment. At the same time in the

modern logistics, electronic commerce, international trade,

Financial services, catering and ancillary features such as layout is more scientific and rational.

The project construction since early in September 2009 since its commencement, through all the construction

workers building the past 5 months of hard work, the main project for the full knot the top, again a record is

Exclaimed the "Yiwu speed." Engineering knot the top, the next step will be transferred to equipment

installation, internal and external decoration stage, to ensure that by 2010 Yiwu Fair before put into use.

By then, the Yiwu market will once again expanded their area of operations, the global "market aircraft

carrier" status will be further strengthened

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