Market Purchases Trade Mode

Market Purchases Trade Mode 


Market Purchases Trade Mode

Market Purchases Trading, is recognized in the market by purchasing goods gathering area by qualified operators in the procurement of land for export clearance procedures for trade. Yiwu market gathering area ranges Yiwu International Commodities City, Yiwu city the professional market and the professional street.

Countries prohibit, restrict the export of goods NA Market Purchases Trading, other NA procurement market trade exports of goods separately.


Eight ministries replied to agree in Yiwu

Trial Market Purchases Trade Mode

March 2011, the State Council issued the "State Council on the Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade comprehensive reform of the overall program approval," agreed in Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform, requiring the international trade in key areas and key links to deepen reform, first first try.

January 2012, the State Council issued "to promote the Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade division of comprehensive reform program priorities", the establishment of a market purchase new trade reform as a whole and focus of the first work undertaken by the Ministry of Commerce lead, together with development and reform, finance, customs, taxation, industry and commerce, quality inspection, foreign exchange and other departments, research to establish new Market Purchases Trade Mode, a clear definition of the new trade, scope and management practices, etc., organized and implemented after approval.

After nearly two years of effort, eight ministries jointly issued "the Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, SAIC, AQSIQ, foreign exchange bureau agreed on trial in Yiwu market purchase trade Letter, "agreed since April 18, 2013, the trial in Yiwu market purchase trade. At this point, Yiwu International Trade comprehensive reform to achieve substantive priorities, breakthrough.

Procurement market trade in major policy innovation

(A) in accordance with the "specific regions, specific subject and a specific clearance to" clear manner procurement market trading requirements.

Draw reference to small-scale trade with Taiwan region, border trade and other special trade, market purchases in accordance with the implementation of trade, "a specific area, a specific subject and a specific declaration to the" requirements, shall meet the following requirements:

1 procurement market trade for the implementation of specific regional markets have been determined gathering area.

(2) foreign trade operators engaged in market procurement business, you need to market concentration areas local competent commercial departments for procurement market trade operator registration, which is the implementation of the main Market Purchases Trade Mode limited. Commerce Department was commissioned in July 2012 agreed to Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce to carry out foreign trade operator registration, so companies engaged in market in Yiwu sourcing trade, foreign trade should be made eligible under the premise again Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce to conduct market Procurement trade operator registration. Failing to apply for registration, the Customs shall not handle procurement market trade export customs clearance procedures.

3 Taking into account Market Purchases Trade Mode related to regulatory aspects of the implementation of a number of facilitation measures, even involving specific pre-matching requirements, these matching requirements place other than the competent customs, quality inspection departments may not have, so they requested that trading market purchases way in the procurement of land for export clearance procedures, which is a way of implementing Market Purchases Trade Mode to limited clearance. Meanwhile, the market for commodity procurement scope of trade restrictive regulations explicitly prohibited by the state to restrict the export of goods NA Market Purchases Trading, other Market Purchases Trade Mode should not be applicable to the product separately.

(Two) to further simplify the VAT levy export commodities market purchases, returns management.

Market agglomeration area market dealers to trade export market purchases of goods, VAT exemption policy, market purchases by the trade operators holding relevant information to the market gathering area location tax department for tax filing procedures.

This is the most market purchases focus on trade policy, the VAT exemption policy solves the general trade mode "back 3% 3% levy" difficulty in enforcement and collection methods "tourism shopping commodity" under the VAT increase regulatory approach Management does not converge back issues such as trade in line with market purchases in favor of domestic special processes and professional development of major international market policy innovation.

(Three) to further improve the market purchases to facilitate customs clearance of export commodities.

First, the creation of market purchases Customs trade regulation, and to develop appropriate regulatory policies, giving facilitate customs clearance. Secondly, according to market needs procurement trade facilitation, customs and inspection departments in the "quality control, the source can be traced back, the responsibility to investigate" principle, procurement of export commodities on the market, in the "keep things under control" at the same time strive to "get through fast "; introduction of a" small market purchases small quantities of export commodities inspection and quarantine supervision work practices (Trial) ", the implementation of monitoring and verification of credit supervision, to meet the requirements of the market for small purchases give small quantities of export commodities to facilitate customs clearance.

(Four) to actively promote international trade commodity exchange system innovation.

Allow the market to purchase trade settled in renminbi, trade foreign exchange balance of the market implementation of the main procurement regulation, the total verification and dynamic testing.

At the same time, allowed to apply for foreign trade operators Registration of foreign-funded partnership enterprise gathering area to the local foreign exchange market authorities for opening a foreign exchange account.
Source: Yiwu Daily Author: Editor: Wu Chao Ming

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