Panic buying of 400 million night market stalls in Yiwu.

In Yiwu, if you have a house or car is nothing,but have a shop(stalls) will be great. Local santingroad night market stall bid a four or five hundred thousand, ten thousand a year rent is Example.
Recently, Yiwu, Jiangdong Street Wuai district intends to build a 400 night market stalls. News, many people of fashion, take the voucher to booking the bid Number

There are nearly ten thousand people, off booking tickets to be stir-fried to a RMB500 is still difficult to get a ticket.

Booth attracted 400 million loot

Yesterday morning at 8:00 am, There were full of people in Yiwu Meihu sports centers, Yiwu police even dispatched a large number of police cordoned off outside the stadium to Victoria Support order. This parade is to take one to participate in the night market stalls bid nubmers for booking tickets.

It turned out that the recent local community intends to build five love a night market, there are about 400 stalls, booking tickets these days are fat, people who get reservation tickets can be

To enroll nubmers;  "winner" who can have the right to operate a stall in the night market. Even better, the booth rental is only three years before the RMB3800 Per year.

News came out, hit the city of Yiwu, four or five o'clock every morning to queue up some coupons. Aunt Fan team, said yesterday was the reservation voucher recipients

The last day, and listen to the community of people say that these days there are nearly ten thousand people to get reservation tickets, even signed up, want to smoke in a stall is a distant hope.

10:00 o'clock, the reporter saw at the scene, booking tickets to be brought after, it was immediately changed hands over the counter price of 500 yuan each, to sell, actually the immediate

People "disk access."

Community Director said that it attracted so many accidents

Number of people to receive coupons as much as five little beyond love, Jiangdong Street Yiwu, director of building community expected to seek the law. He told reporters admit that this is indeed the community is estimated


Floor plan law, said the night market are under construction, 400 seats, the transfer is permanent stalls right to operate.

According to regulations, applicants in the ballot by Yaohao, during identity registration, you can have the right to operate a permanent stall, but not transfer; business

Only pay 3,800 yuan per year in health costs, security fees and management fees.

Initially, the lead booking tickets have been payable upon application fee of 200 yuan, but now too many people apply, the current community has decided to return all the registration fee in order to avoid


Floor plan law, said administrative costs 3800 yuan per year in 3 years will not change within. But if the government next to traffic considerations, the decision to take

Parties to the night market, then the communities will be subject to arrangements, which will also be reflected in an agreement signed in the future.

Queuing many speculators who "robbed the first to say" into the general state of mind

Night market to thrive, the community dynamic enough brains; then to loot the public's booth is the result of careful consideration, the long-term management is willing to stand it?

Reporters interviewed several people queuing, but found that people who really want to do business, in fact, not many night markets. Many people even rob the booth or the property

The right to operate do not know, and still others just think the permanent right to operate profitable night market, they came to take care of this fun.

Yesterday, 9:30, Jiangxi, Miss Wu, holding an appointment to come out coupons from the sports center, smile beaming, she told reporters that he do business in Yiwu

Italy, I heard love the community here are five stalls can be divided, came quickly.

However, when a reporter asked her how much a year of management fees, booth worth, will her operate the busniess by herself  and other issues, Ms. Ng was bewildered: "I did not think so much, first grab say. "

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