Yiwu "new special economic zone" generous construction fo

Yiwu "new special economic zone" generous construction for the international raw material market 
( Source: Xinhua Zhejiang Net )

    Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, June 23 (Reporter Hu Zuohua) - Planning area of ??12.85 square kilometers of Yiwu international goods market 23 at the groundbreaking ceremony, which is to promote international trade, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, comprehensive reform is an important content.

    Jinhua Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Huang Zhiping said Yiwu, Yiwu market, the first international production planning area of ??2.6 square kilometers, the construction area of ??200 square meters, total investment of 5.0 billion, plans to "1025" period built. According to the plan, Yiwu international goods market construction period of 10 years, will be implemented in existing Yiwu City, Yiwu Small Commodity Market, based on the reconstruction of a "Yiwu market."

    Yiwu international trade market, choice of production focuses on six major sections: first, cooperation with the CAS Institute of Computing building massive data storage and information processing center; Second, raw material supply market, sub-chemicals, metals, nano in 16 categories; three is a complete set of machinery and equipment supply market, including agricultural machinery, instruments, machine tools and other 13 industries; fourth parts, assemblies supply market is divided into two types of standard and non-standard components; Fifth, work, measuring the supply market, sub-tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, scales and other four categories; six is ??the "Yiwu index" publishing platform.

    Zhi-Ping Huang said that Yiwu is China's tenth set up comprehensive reform pilot area, but also the country's first county-level approved by the State Council, "the new Special Administrative Region." Construction of the international goods market, Yiwu market is not only speed up transformation and upgrading of strategic choice, but also promote regional economic transformation, promote trade balance and stabilize the price hikes effective carrier.

    Yiwu market is the world's largest commodity distributing center. The end of 2010, Yiwu market area of ??more than 400 million square meters of commercial spaces 62000, a collection of 4202 species, more than 170 million products, sales network covers 215 countries and regions worldwide, when the container export customs supervision up to Yiwu 576 000. (End

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