2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair are holded

 April 18, Yiwu (Xinhua Net Enmin) April 20 to 23, a 4-day 2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair are holded in Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center.

China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair (the "Yiwu Fair") was founded in 2006, 2008, was named "China's most Influence of culture industry brand exhibition. "Yiwu Fair Yiwu International Commodities give full play to the advantage of distribution center, to" create text Product trading platform to promote cross cultural industry development "as the theme, and actively promoting China's export trade of cultural products, cultural information exchange Flow, industry cooperation and cultural industry development projects.

Yiwu Fair's success, not only for development and prosperity of the cultural industry in Yiwu found a new channel, the more a plus County-level manufacturing workers as the main city of maneuvers out of a larger space for development. Ministry of Culture Industry Secretary Liuyu Zhu expressed the hope "

Yiwu Fair, "to seize the great opportunity the development of cultural industries, make persistent efforts, the formation of strong domestic and international cultural exhibition industry brands.Also hope that the "Yiwu Mode" experience the success of the exhibition will bring inspiration to other cultures and learn from, accelerate the promotion of Chinese culture Of the industry, the marketization process.

The Fair for a major part, is China (Zhejiang) non-heritage fair moved to Yiwu. Yiwu Fair will be relying on non-heritage countries International big market advantage, gathering the national intangible cultural heritage of traditional art, traditional fine arts projects, to promote the intangible cultural heritage Protection of heritage and development and utilization of strong support.

The establishment of eight non-heritage Expo exhibition hall, respectively, for the Chinese art of carving engrave plastic Museum, the Chinese art of knitting color bar hall, drawing depicts the Chinese cut. Art museum, Museum of the Chinese art of weaving, dyeing thread embroidery, China metalworking skills firing Museum, Museum of Chinese traditional medicine techniques, the Chinese wine brewing art museum, China's non-genetic food art museum, there are 27 provinces (cities, districts) of the nearly 400 national, provincial intangible cultural heritage boutique items. Participating fully demonstrate China's intangible cultural heritage items representative of the essence and intangible cultural heritage inheritors of the wisdom and efforts, including  Including jade were embroidered, system fan art, porcelains firing skills, painting, paper cutting, traditional medicine, brewing process and non-genetic food in 18 categories. Hundred sub-lights, wood, paper cutting, kite making and crafts wine Yiwu Danxi "non-left" will also be in this fine debut. Show some of the dynamic art class project, the pavilion will be set within the special exhibitions area, the representation by the inheritors of related projects

For live performances. During the exhibition, will be held as

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