How to start your business in Yiwu ?( if you are green hand sourcing in yiwu, please read it.)

The export processes as follows:
1.Go to market and visit shops one by one,we will arrange a translator to go to market with you
2.Choose interested items,write down item No,price,pcs/ctn,Measure of ctn,take sample or take photos.
3.We make a sheet,calculate amount,CBM
4.You send deposit to our account by T/T(price is as same as supplier offer to you),then we order goods from suppliers
5.We collect goods and inspect goods in our warehouse
6.We make a list of received goods,you send balance to us
7.Book container,arrange shipment.
8.We send full set documents to you

When you come to Yiwu City,we book hotel for you,and go to Yiwu Airport to pick you up.
It will be very easy to do business in Yiwu Market.

We just act as an export agent,it means you have an office in Yiwu.You may also send us enquiries,ask us questions,when you
are not in Yiwu.

Are all the suppliers in Yiwu market real factories?

NO, actually 80% suppliers in shops are not factories, but most suppliers can sale you a samll qantities, such as several cartons for each item. some factories need big quanities orders. Yiwu market shops
shows products from many factories from all over china. They can quote a competitive pirce due to such many shops in the same wholesales market.

Why do you need to visit Yiwu?

1.Yiwu wholesale markeplace is a most important distribute place for products from all the country to the world.
As the largest commodities wholesale market in the world.Covering a total business area of 2.6 million square meters with 58000 booths,Yiwu market gathers 400,000 kinds of goods in 43 industries. The four markets including Internation Trade City(futian
market)Huangyuan market, Knitting Market, and Bingwang Market.they are visited by buyers from all over the world each day.

2.Some items can't be seen clear if not in face-to-face checking and hard to place order communicate with each other.
but if you can find a reliable and professional business partner, it will save you more cost and just easy for Email works.

3. fashion trend, every year the market updated more new design items which you interest, you can find more business opporturnities after you survery your market and compared with yiwu market.

Why did you need an export agent in Yiwu?

1. Come over the communicate diffculty. most of suppliers in Yiwu have good products,but no good English clerk.

2. Payment & Quality Control. It's very hard that you don't know their credit standing. Some clients alway pay 30% deposit to them,but dont' know how to control quality. but our company has a good reputation as a local company. the supplier don't worried the payment but must delivery good quality products firstly. we can pay them later. It's a better way to pay them after delivery goods and checking ;quality in our warehouse. also you need arrange someone to control quality in facotry if big quantities produce.

However,: more of suppliers are self-employed households, they have the booth(store) in yiwu market, but don't have US dollar account in Yiwu. so you need an agent to pay for them too.

3. Customs declaration. if you don't know how to do some document or the local poilcy or chinese customs policy. we are
familiar with these works.

4. Easy to resoucing something. with 10 year experience,we trade with different items.and know well how to sourcing it
effectively and find some fast ways.

5. if you have no time to visit Yiwu, we can help you do more business projects.

we are a sourcing agent(export agent) who can help your more effective works in Yiwu.


Yamei Trading

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more information on Yiwu Wholesale Market: Here

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