We have thousands of parnter factories. Everyone knows that value is about getting the best productss at a great price.
At Yamei Trading, value is also about making your sourcing as easy as possible. we're always on the look out for new source
of information to share with our clients.

Working as you China office ot save time and cost.
Following your whole order work in China

Our Quality Assuirance professionals begin by qulifying every factory with which Yamei Trading
chooses to partner. We get tghe details right throughout. We understand labor laws, shipping and packing specificastions.
safety. passing TUV/SGS/BV/REACH test regulations and more.

Before any shipment leaves teh factory, our Quality Control professinoals make sure it meets standards for quality and safety
required by the country of destination. independent review laborationres and our retail partners.

Warehousing storage, Transportation, Customs' doucments etc.

Branding and design

When consumers enter a retail store today, they expect to find nothing less than the best. Coordinated collections. Branded
proucts. Great design.Exceptional value.

Our branding and design teams include graphic designers,products designers and writers. Working together with you, they research
and position brands-then deliver them as a complete program from proudcts concept to packaging and print of sale.

Provide mutual benefit payment terms.

Special for you

Invitation letter, visa and working permit application, hotel booking (with best discount)
and airport pick up.

Airport pick up service:
Yiwu Airport: Free
Shanghai Pudong airport : USD 120
Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport: USD 50


Yamei Trading

more information on Yiwu Wholesale Market: Here

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