Hotels in Yiwu

★★★★★ Yiwu Kingdom Hotel Tel: 86-579 8526888 Add: No.168 chengzhou Middle Road

★★★★ Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel Tel:86-579-85188888  Add: No.99,Futian Road

★★★★Tianheng International Hotel  Tel:86-579-8588888   Add: No.667,Danxi North Road

★★★★Yindu Hotel  Tel:86-579-85558888   Add: No.168,Bingwang Road

★★★★Yiwu Xinlian Hotel  Tel:86-579-85562888  Add: NO.498, Zhouchou North Road

★★★★Yiwu Qiantang Kaixin Hotel  Tel:86-579-85566688 Add: NO.217,Binwang Road

 ★★★★Yiwu Hotel    Tel:86-579-85559999 Add:NO.103, Binwang Road

★★★★ Yiwu Yihe Hotel  Tel:86-579- 83818888 Add:NO.2, Gongren North Road

★★★★Ramada Plaza Yiwu Zhijiang Hotel  Tel:86-579-85388888  Add:NO.9, Chengzhong North Road

★★★ (pre)Yiwu Yimei Plaze Hotel Tel: 86-579-85278888 Add NO.128 Zhengzhong Middle Road

★★★ (pre) Yiwu International Mansion Tel: 85277777 Add: No.218 Binwang Road

★★★Yiwu XueFeng Hotel   Tel:86-579-85628888 Add:NO.1688, Chouzhou North Road

★★★Yiwu Diyuan Hotel   Tel:86-579-85566999 Add:NO.696, Xicheng Road

★★★Yiwu Fortune Commercial Hotel    Tel:86-579- 85591111  Add: NO.618 Chouzhou North Road

★★★Yiwu Suofeite Hotel   Tel:86-579-85568888 Add: NO.599 Chouzhou North Road

★★Bali Plaza Hotel Yiwu  Tel:86-579- 85238888 Add: No. 138 Chengzhong Middle Road

★★Yiwu Gongshang Hotel   Tel:86-579-85319988 

★★Yiwu White Swan Hotel   Tel:86-579-85538088 

★★Huadu Grand Hotel    Tel:86-579-85523358 

★★Yongjin Hotel   Tel:86-579-85566388  

★★Yi Wu Ssaw Hotel - Huafeng  Tel:86-579-85092666

★★Motel 168 Hotel    Tel:86-579- 85999111

★★Huangjin Hotel   Tel:86-579-85548588 


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Tips: yiwu china commodity City. Yiwu china Commodity City is the oldest commodity wholesale market in China, which was founded in the year of 1982. Experiencing six times migrations and nine times extensin. at present, It's business ara boasts 2.6 milion square meters with 58000 booths, it is the most modernized, the most internationalized and the largest commodity markets. In August 2005, the United nationas released the report that Yiwu is the world's largest wholesale market. Yiwu China Commodity City named by the state Administration for Industry and Commerce, and since 1992, the turnover of markets wins the first in the wholesale of commercial for 17 consecutive yeasrs for it has over 50% Foreign trade whare and 10,000 Permanent foreginers,all thesese commodities are export to 212 countries and regions. In October 2006, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Yiwu China Commodities Index, which is the barometer of world commodity price.


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