Living in Yiwu

Hotels ranged from 2 star to 5 star, All the hote is in downtow and near the main market.and all hotels offer free internet access,breakfast.
We have agreement with all below hotels and get discount.
5 star hotels
66.84--117.1 USD


Kingdom Hotel Yiwu
No. 168, Mid Chengzhong Road,Yiwu

Yiwu Kingdom Hotel (Yiwu jindu jiudian) is one of the first 5-star luxurious and business hotel invested and established in the middle of Zhejiang Province.
4 star hotels
56.31--169.46 USD
Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel
No.99,Futian Road,Yiwu
The hotel was opended in 2005. It is located in Yiwu commercial center.
53.94--111.83 USD
Yihe Hotel
No.2,Gongren North Road,Yiwu

Yiwu Yihe hotel is managed by the World Trade Centre hotel of Zhejiang. It is located in the economic, commercial and cultural center of Yiwu.

53.81--85.78 USD
Yiwu Hotel
No.103 Bingwang Rd,Yiwu
The Yiwu Hotel is a comprehensive hotel constructed to 4-star standards. It's located on 103 Bingwang Road, Yiwu city.
3 star hotels
35.26--59.21 USD
Huafeng Hotel
No.2,Jichang Road,Yiwu

The Hotel is situated in Wu Cha Lu Kou in Yiwu, the biggest distributing centre of wares in China.

39.21--44.47 USD
Yiwu Shangcheng Hotel
No.51,Huangyuan Road,,Yiwu

The Shangcheng Hotel is situated at the across of Chouzhou Middle Road and Huangyuan Road, near the major commodity center.

36.84--123.68 USD
Yiwu Sun Tour Hotel
No.88, Chengzhong Middle Road,Yiwu
The hotel locates at No.88 Chengzhong Middle Road, near by the Civic Square , next to the administrative building of the municipal government and faces the largest Socks Wholesale Market of the world.
35.26--86.57 USD
Yiwu Xuefeng Hotel
No.1688, Chouzhou North Road,Yiwu
Yiwu Xuefeng hotel is located at No.1688, Chouzhou North Road, the most bustling road of Yiwu with convenient transportation.


Tips: yiwu china commodity City. Yiwu china Commodity City is the oldest commodity wholesale market in China, which was founded in the year of 1982. Experiencing six times migrations and nine times extensin. at present, It's business ara boasts 2.6 milion square meters with 58000 booths, it is the most modernized, the most internationalized and the largest commodity markets. In August 2005, the United nationas released the report that Yiwu is the world's largest wholesale market. Yiwu China Commodity City named by the state Administration for Industry and Commerce, and since 1992, the turnover of markets wins the first in the wholesale of commercial for 17 consecutive yeasrs for it has over 50% Foreign trade whare and 10,000 Permanent foreginers,all thesese commodities are export to 212 countries and regions. In October 2006, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Yiwu China Commodities Index, which is the barometer of world commodity price.


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