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General Information

Origin of Yiwu city

As early as 5000 years ago, Yiwu's ancient peasants made their lives on this land located in Middle Zhejiang. In 222BC, Emperor Qinshuihuang(named YingZheng) unified China, and stablished a county here named Wushang originally.yiwu-photos

Liu Yuna, a litterateur of Western Han Dynasty said in his essay"Garden of Anedcdotes": crows helped him by holding earth in their mouths sohat their beaks were wounded",
which is the earliest record about the origin of Wushang County in history.

In the year of 624 AD. the county was renamed to Yiwu, and in 1998, it was upgraded from a country to a county-level city.

1.1 Location

  Yiwu is situated in the center of Zhejiang Province, on the north of Guangdong and Fujian, on the south of Shanghai. It is 120 kms to Hangzhou and 300 kms to Shanghai. Transportation is convenient with highway and railway connecting most big and medium-sized cities. Over 20 airlines have been lauched to big cities like Beijing, Hongkong, Guangzhou, etc.

1.2 climate

  Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, Yiwu has four distinct seasons, enjoying mild and humid climate, with annual average temperature 17℃. The highest temperature hits in July, with an average of 29.3℃, and the lowest in January, with an average of 4.2℃.

1.3 Districts

  Yiwu covers a total area of 1,105 square kilometers, with altogether 7 boroughs and 6 towns under its jurisdiction.

1.4 Economic Achievements

  In 2007, Yiwu registered RMB 42 billion yuan in gross local product, an increase of 15.7% over the last year. Urban residents’ disposable income reached RMB 25,007 yuan per head, and that of rural dwellers’ net income, RMB 10,255 yuan. Deposit balance in financial institutions reached RMB 85.56 billion yuan.
   At present, Yiwu’s market has an area of 2.6 million square meters, which accommodates 58,000 booths, selling over 400,000 plus goods. Trade volume of Yiwu market has been topping all large specialized markets in China for 17 successive years. Goods are exported to 215 countries and regions across the world. Among the top twenty ocean-shipping groups, twelve have set up branch offices here. One-stop clearance has been realized in Yiwu Customs. Yiwu International Logistic Center has become an important inland port for Shanghai and Ningbo port.
   International Trade Mart, the main body of Yiwu market, is the world’s largest single market with a total area of 2.54 million square meters. Central air conditioner, broad band and telephones are equipped, and autos can go directly to upper floors.
   The world’s first wholesale index of daily necessities—“The Yiwu China Commodity Index”, compiled by the Ministry of Commerce, is released every week, which contributes to the influence of Yiwu’s status on the pricing of the world’s markets of small merchandise.
   The development of Yiwu’s markets has contributed to the development of many distinct industrial segments in the middle of Zhejiang, thus forming a trans-regional “Yiwu Economic Circle”. As a result, Yiwu has been subsequently awarded the titles of “China’s Zipper Production Base”, “China’s Pen-producing Industrial and Trade Base”, “China’s Cosmetic Industrial Base”, “China’s City of Stock Industry”, “China’s Famous City of Seamless Sewing Clothing”, “China’s Industrial and Trade Base of Handicraft Presents”, and “China’s Capital of Popular Accessories”. In 2007, Yiwu realized RMB43.3 billion yuan in terms of scaled industrial gross production value, an increase of 27.2%.
   Exhibition industry is developing rapidly here. The annual China Yiwu International Commodities Fair (held from Oct. 22-26) is the third largest specialized fair in China, only next to Canton Fair and East China Fair. After the completion of the new International Exhibition Center in October 2009, the total construction area will reach 250,000 square meters, able to accommodate 7,000 standard booths.yiwu wholesale market

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