Yiwu Introcduce(2)

2. Yiwu History and Culture

  Yiwu has a long history, tracing back to the year of 222BC when Yiwu was designated as Wushang County. In 1998, Yiwu was promoted from a county to a city. Yiwu is honored as “Home of Chinese Martial Arts”, “Home of Chinese Modern Folk Painting” and “Home of Operatic Songs”.

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3. Yiwu Population and Nationalities

  Till the end of December 2007, Yiwu has a population of 1.8 million, among which, 697,000 are local residents, and over 1 million are non-native residents. Localization policy is adopted by the government, giving citizen treatment to those incoming builders.

4. Yiwu City tree and City Flower

  City Tree: Fragrant Camphor
   Yiwu city has lots of Fragrant camphors, including 1 of over 1,000 years old, 4 of over 800 years old, 103 of 200 years old, and 1,000-odd of over 100 years old. Fragrant camphor has been a unique character of Yiwu city. Campor is strong and evergreen, which signifies prosperity and good luck.
   City Flower: Chinese Rose
   Chinese rose is beautiful and blossoms in four seasons of the year, which signifies the all-over prosperity of Yiwu city.

5. Yiwu Transportation

  5.1 Airlines
   Yiwu Airport has opened more than 20 airlines to big cities, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shantou, Kunming, Changsha, Guiyang, Urumchi, Xi’an, Nantong and etc.
   Tel: 0086-579-85456789

  5.2 Highway
   Highway crosses the city. At present, over 340 passenger transport lines to cities of other provinces are in operation. It is only one-hour drive to Hangzhou, 3-hour drive to Shanghai and 1.5-hour drive to Ningbo.
   Tel: 0086-579-85123456

  5.3 Railway
   90 plus trains stop at Yiwu Railway station daily. Many big and moderate cities can be reached by train in Yiwu.
   Tel: 0086-579-85522468

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