Yiwu Introduce(3)

Tourism & Leisure

1. Beauty of Nature


1.1 Xiuhu square
   Xiuhu square lies in the center of Yiwu city, which is the largest green square.

yiwu xiuhua park

1.2 Green Corridor along Yiwu River

  Along each bank of Yiwu River, a green corridor of 18 km, with carpet-like lawn contrasted with colorful flowers and green trees, forms a splendid landscape picture scroll with clean water. The corridor includes 11 parks.


1.3 Diaoyuji Park
   Built according to the hill features, Diaoyuji Park has red flowers and green trees, accompanied with an ancient tower—Feng Tower. This park appears quite natural, casual and harmonious.

1.4 Zhugong Rock
   Located at the foot of Wuyan Mountain of Huaxi Village in Niansanli Town, Zhugong Rock actually is a cave though named Rock. In this cave, there are many sub-caves and lanes joining together.

1.5 Tongshan Rock
   On the north of Yiting Town, a rock cliff stands on the flat ground just like a lion squatting on his heels and facing to the north. A Buddha of 1.6m of height and 400-odd kg is placed at the “mouth of the lion”. On the traditional Double Ninth Festival, Tongshan Rock turns out to be most excited with tourists and pilgrims.

1.6 Dishui Cliff
   Located in Suxi, Dishui Cliff is the uprising apices with strange stones. A Buddha, carved from a big rock, of 7.5m high and 7.3m wide, can be found in one of the many temple in this scenic zone.

1.7 Desheng Cliff
   Desheng Cliff is a good place for people to climb from ancient times.

1.8 Huaxi Forest Park
   Located in Niansanli District, Huaxi Forest Park is under provincial protection. It is regarded as a natural oxygen bar with green mountains and clean water.

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