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2. Cultural Relics

2.1 The Octagon Hall of Huangshan
   The Octagon Hall, which is a cultural relic under national protection, is located in Huangshan Village, Shangxi Town. It was built in the year of 1813. It is extremely expert for the carving skills of block, stone and wood.

2.2 Huqiao Ancient Town
   Huqiao Ancient Town is located in Fotang Town, which has a history of over 300 years. Buildings along these commercial streets are of Ming & Qing Dynasty style, which are rarely found.

2.3 Shuanglin Scenic Zone
   Located in Yunhuang Mountain of Tashan County, the scenic zone boasts two ancient temples of a thousand years old—Shuanglin Temple and Yunhuang Temple. The natural beauty, the cultural content and Buddhism culture are melted together, making it charming ever-luster.

2.4 Former Residence of Chen Wangdao
   It is located in Fenshuitang Village of Heli, Shangxi Town. Chen Wangdao, a famous thinker, social activist, educationalist, linguist and one of the founders of the CPC, was born here. He initially translated “Communist Manifesto” in this residence.

2.5 Former Residence of Feng Xuefeng
   It lies at Shentan village of the Town of Chi’an. Feng Xuefeng, a famous writer, literary theorist and social activist, was born here.

2.6 Former Residence of Wuhan
   It lies at Kuzhutang Village of Shangxi Town. Wuhan, a famous historian and former vice mayor of Beijing, was born here.

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