Yiwu introduce(5)

3. Leisure

3.1 Special Local Products

3.1.1 Yiwu Brown Sugar
   Yiwu is a hometown for sugar and is one of the major areas in Zhejiang Province for producing sugar. Brown sugar is the top special local product of Yiwu, well-known nationwide. In Yiwu, the major planting areas for sugar canes are Fotang Town and Yiting Town. Since 2005, in order to protect this traditional local product from losing, Sugar Festival has been held in Yiting Town.
   Main venue of Sugar Festival: Xilou Village of Yiting Town.

3.1.2 Ham
   Jinhua ham is one of the three major brands publicly acknowledged in the world. Ham was made by Zongze, an ancient national hero born in Yiwu. Once he sent the bloated pig leg to the Emperor, Qinzong of Song Dynasty. Because of the ruddy color of the meat and delicious taste, the Emperor named it “Ham”. Though ham has the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, and stimulating the production of blood, proper quantity is advised when having it.

3.1.3 Honey Jujube
   “Three jujubes a day helps to keep youth”, the Chinese old saying vividly describes the function of jujube. Nanzao, a special local jujube of Yiwu, is delicious and nutritious. It can help to strengthen the spleen, stomach and lung. It is especially good to cure cough.
   Nanzhao can be found in most supermarkets.

3.1.4 Danxi Wine
   The name Danxi came from Zhu Danxi, a famous Chinese traditional physician in Yuan Dynasty. The production of Danxi Red Wine is adopting the traditional method invented by Zhu Danxi. The wine can supply amino acid to the human body and help to decompound the fatness. Danxi Wine is certified as truly organic product.
   Manufacturer: Yiwu Danxi Wine Co. Ltd
   Add: 117 Danxi Road, Chi’an Town, Yiwu
   Tel: 0086-579-85775381

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