Yiwu International Market(Futian markets)

China Yiwu International Trade City(also named futian market) is a modern wholesale market with new concept complying with the requirement of market internationalization development. The first period built project is invested RMB0.77 billion by China Commodity City Group Stocks Co., Ltd, began to put into use on Sep. 22, 2002. It covers the area of 420 mu and building area of 340,000 sq.m., set up 5 managing blocks including body market, manufacturer direct sales center, product purchase center, storages center and catering center with 9000 odd stores and 10477 odd operators.

The first period market of International Trade City has such 4 categories as craftwork, decoration, toys and flowers involve in several hundred thousand varieties, has daily passenger flow volume of 40,000 odd and daily goods trading volume of more than RMB50 million yuan, in which, the export goods cover above 60%, are salable in 140 odd counties and regions, over 90% stores carry on foreign trade business.


The first period project of International Trade City has excellent facilities, absorbs advanced design concept of international large-scale commercial centers, meanwhile, integrates the commercial figures such as high-tech, informatization, humanization and special market, so boasts complete functions, is one of the most advanced special markets in our countries. Furthermore, the market is equipped with central air conditioner, large electronic information screen, broadcasting system, electronic information inquiry system, broad band network system, escalator, fire control center. The market has smooth people and goods stream and sets up trestle bridge, so the auto can directly arrive at 2th, 3thand 4th floor, possesses 3 ground parking and a large underground parking, melts into multiple and individual service, introduces and offer the catering, communication service, atrium leisure, financial service, logistic transport etc, where market virescence rate and square service site use rate is respectively 28.5% and 24%, environment is beautiful, commercial atmosphere is dense and full of vital force, therefore, the market is international commercial center gathering shopping and tourism as a whole.

The first period of International Trade City is the leading project of market internationalization strategy north expansion that carries out facing to 21 century, has total planning area of 32 square kilometers, with predominant position, locates in Yiwu prosperous Chouzhou Road, its east is Yiwu Custom Office, its south links Binwang Market and Railway Station, the north closes to the second project of International Trade City, adjacent to Meihu Exhibition Center, Nanbeilian Consign Market, Huangyuan Market and Binwang Market. Also, the key projects under construction are China Commodity City World Trade Center, China Commodity City International Logistic Center, Foreign Investment Area, the second period Exhibition Center, new Railway Station etc, have convenient and high-efficiency traffic, commerce and storage, it becomes new commercial center.

International Trade City is the unit of shopping and tourism appointed by Zhejiang Tourist Bureau, at the end of 2002, was named Provincial First Five-star Market by Zhejiang Commercial & Industrial Bureau.

The first phase of the second period of International Trade City(Trade District F and G)was set up on October 22nd,2004 ,its market covers an area of 483 mu, and buiding area is over600,000 sq.m.It has over 7000 14.4-sp.m standard booths and over ten thousand of business proprietors.It deals in cases and bags, umbrllas, rain capes and bags on the first floor;hardware tools, fittings ,electrician products, lock tools and vehicles on the second floor;hardware kitchenware, small household appliances, telecommunication equipments,colcks and watches,and electronic products,etc.on the third floor. The fourth floor is hte direct sale center of manufacturer.East Subsidiary Building is formed a complete set of service institution,such as bank, food &bererage, logistic,post and telecom.

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