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Ask:Is there somebody tell you they are free to purchase for you? Answer:acturely,There's no such thing as a free lunch! but we can cooperate to Double-Win.Ask:Why need you find a purchasing agent in Yiwu?Answer:To avoid the trouble of Language,Trust,Export procedure, Quality Control,Purchasing,risk,etc

Ask: How can I find a reliable export agent in Yiwu China.

Answer: Yamei Trading will tell you.Thank you for coming here.
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Yiwu City
Located in the center of Zhejiang Province, Yiwu covers a total area of 1,105 sqkm, Among the population of Yiwu, 700,000 are permanent residents, while 1 million are non-native residents, As a rising commercial city with a long history of 2,200 years, the charming Yiwu boasts its time-honored culture of commerce and is now full of business opportunities. Yiwu is a city developing with the dependence on the market. In 1982, Yiwu firstly set up the commodities wholesale markets, form then on, in over 20 years, yiwu has persisted in its development strategy of building the city on commerce, taken the flourishing development of China Commodities City as a engine for its social economic and energetically promoted mercerization, indoctrination, urbanization and internationalization. Now, the markets which cover an area of 2.6 million square meters contain 58,000 booths and are attracting over 200,000 customers-times daily>>More >> more information on Yiwu Wholesale Market:Here

Yiwu Advantage Industry
  • Nowadays,There are 16 industry advantage in Yiwu: sock,jewerlly,Garment,Arts & Craft Zip, Cosmetic Stationery,Toys. Among these Industries,, the total output shared 30% of china is Socks,underware,Toys,Cosmtic, Crafts,Jwerlly,Zip. Yiwu China approved as China Zip industry base, China pen industry and trade base, China cosmetic industry base,China famous city, China sewless underware city.



Yiwu Market Tip

Yiwu market is the largest commodities wholesales market in the world.
Yiwu index is the temperature of small commodities price in the world.
Futian market is the purchasing centre of Christmas in the world.
Futian market is the purchasing base for national group in the world.
Yiwu market the jewellery exhibition and sales centre and manufacture base in the world.
Yiwu market is the largest perfume and cosmetic manufacture base in China.
Yiwu market is the largest stationery and sport products distribution place in China.
Futian market is the daily use product and hardware foreign trading centre in China.
Yiwu market is the belt export main base in China.
Yiwu market is the largest quartz clock export base in China.
Yiwu city is the seamless underwear’s industry base
Yiwu city is the commodities packing industry base in China


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